7 Must-Do Steps To Dominate the Amazon Holiday Rush

How to find your next big niche opportunity.

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Greg Mercer


Founder at Jungle Scout. Loves all things FBA. Amazon Data Nerd. Caffeine Enthusiast. Happiness Fanatic. Tweet him @mercer_greg

Ecommerce sellers have become accustomed to salivating over the promise of 4Q sales. In the short span of a month, between the end of November through the end of December, many online sellers make or break their year.

Amazon sellers are no exception. Unless you have a seasonal product that does not sell well during winter, there is ample opportunity to make huge gains in a short sprint at the end of the calendar year.

There are 7 important lessons that I have learned over the years, which have a huge influence on the success of my holiday sales.

To find out how you can beat the Amazon holiday rush, download this must-have guide.

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