eBook: 25 Hot Product Ideas and the Keywords That Sell Them

Amazon Seller Product Ideas

Why do you need this list?

To start, It comes with 25 amazing product ideas you could sell on Amazon - today!

You'll also get: 

  • An exclusive guide on how to write for Amazon 
  • The top 20 keywords for every product idea we share with you
  • The recommended Jump Send giveaways and HSA bids for each product idea 
  • The Opportunity Score and price for each product idea 

All of these things combined gives you a complete picture of each opportunity's amazing potential! 

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    The right keywords are like a map for your customers.

    Keywords help them find your product - and buy it!

    Without a real marketing strategy, you won’t reach the customers you need to sell your product and you’ll end up wasting your hard-earned money on a product that sits in an Amazon warehouse.

    Keyword Scout helps you understand more about what customers are searching for and how to market to them.


    Here are some of the features of Keyword Scout:



      Get hundreds of keyword suggestions
      from a keyword or competitor ASIN.



      Know the exact and broad search
      volumes for high-converting keywords.



      Estimate how many daily Jump Send
      promotional giveaways are needed to
      rank your product.



      Learn suggested advertising bids for
      Amazon PPC and HSA ads.

      And More!


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      Jungle Scout has already helped hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers find their first, second or even tenth product to sell on Amazon!

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      Keyword Scout helps sellers bridge the gap between finding a product and creating a strategy that generates sales for you!


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