Amazon PPC Masterclass

The ultimate, exclusive guide to crushing your PPC campaigns and shooting to the top of Amazon search pages


The Ad Auction Process

Covered in this lesson:

  • How does this process work?

    When a customer searches for a keyword, Amazon begins to display Sponsored Products associated with that keyword. Where your product shows depends on a few key things.

  • What impacts where my ad is shown?

    Amazon ranks them by a number of factors including: Keyword Bid and Match Type, Campaign Age, Click History and Sales.


Using Campaign Manager

Covered in this lesson:

  • How can I control my spending?

    Campaign Manager allows you to set total budgets for all of your campaigns. No matter what your individual budgets are, this max. daily total will restrict your overall spend.

  • What are Ad Groups?

    Ad Groups are where you can find your product and the ads that are running associated with it. You can also click into the keywords you're targeting.

  • What are Keyword Bids?

    This is how much you're willing to spend to target each individual keyword. Bids can vary based on how popular the keyword is.


Calculating Your Profitability

Covered in this lesson:

  • What does ACOS mean?

    ACOS stands for Advertising Cost of Sale. This is how you determine the success of campaigns. For example, a campaign that costs $25, but generates $100 in sales has a 25% ACOS.

  • Keep in mind

    ACOS only calculates the cost of your ad spending, it doesn't factor in the cost of your inventory or the fees you paid to ship it to Amazon's warehouse.

Lesson Three: Understanding Your Results