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The geniuses behind the Genius Series

Greg Mercer

CEO & Founder of Jungle Scout. Amazon Seller
since 2011

Dave Hamrick

Writer and avid reader. Selling on Amazon since 2015

Lenny Smith

Video wizard and educator, selling on Amazon since 2015

Becky Frost

Educating Sellers as an
Amazon Community Expert

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You’ll get an in-depth look into the Amazon selling process delivered right to your inbox!

Some frequently asked questions

Is there a cost associated in using the Genius Series?

The Genius Series is completely free! It’s our way of giving back to our amazing community of Amazon sellers. Watch the videos, read the articles and learn as much as you can.

What will be taught throughout the series

The series will cover the four biggest challenges that we discovered Amazon sellers (and potential Amazon sellers) face: product research, marketing, competition, and sourcing.

Do I need to have the Jungle Scout application or subscription in order to view the content?

Nope. Again, this is 100% free regardless if you’re a Jungle Scout user or not.

Does Keyword Scout in the WebApp work across Amazon marketplaces?

Currently, the Keyword Scout functionality is only available in the US marketplace for Amazon keyword data. We are working on getting it ready for other marketplaces, but updating the tools to do this is still in the works. Stay tuned!

Are you going to spam me if I sign up for the series?

Absolutely not. From time to time, we offer up free information to improve users knowledge in the Amazon selling community. And you’re free to opt-out whenever you like.

Who will be the instructors of the Genius Series?

The course will be taught by a variety of instructors and guest contributors. However, the four main teachers will be Greg Mercer, Dave Hamrick, Lenny Smith, and Becky Frost.

Is there any way for me to directly ask questions?

Each section of the series will have a live question-and-answer session. That way, if you have pressing questions, we can help out. Plus, each section will have a comments section for you to ask questions.

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