Amazon Product Research: How I Generate New Ideas

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Amazon product research. The topic that Amazon sellers love to discuss the most. Let’s dig into it.    Most people are too busy looking for the “perfect product” to make any serious money on Amazon.   Take a moment to consider what the successful PL sellers have in common   They don’t believe in perfect products.. They don’t go after a Grand Slam (every time).. They steadily build a nice portfolio of some triples, doubles and singles.   Once you let go of the fallacy of finding that “perfect” product, it will feel like your chains have been unshackled and you are now free to explore around!   My previous posts pointed out that I’m a fan of adopting core principles and developing certain styles that work for me.   Two of the principles that I have firmly accepted are:   There are NO perfect products All product ideas are worth writing down   Let’s Explore!   Currently I’m at a coffee shop drinking an Espresso sourced from Guatemala. I’m thinking of the tiny espresso mugs, the coffee bean grinder it took to prepare the roast, the apron the barista was wearing, the mat I stepped on as I entered.   … Read More

How To Generate One Million Dollars Online: The Jungle Quest Begins

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I’m super thrilled to announce I’ll be participating in a new Private Label challenge dubbed Jungle Quest: The Journey to a Million Dollars ! 🙂   Jungle Quest is a challenge Greg and I laid out to make a Million Dollars in sales on Amazon within a year of the first product being delivered to Amazon’s Warehouse.   About Me   After graduating in 2010 I quickly joined the Entrepreneurial journey both offline and online. My first online venture was in 2011 when I set up a plumbing supplies drop shipping business on It was a great feeling making a few sales a day, but I knew it was a constant battle to compete with other sellers not only selling the same product, but listing it below the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). I made my exit and started a successful Liquidation Export venture that was a little more hands on.   It involved purchasing wholesale secondhand and customer return items from major retailers in the U.S. and exporting it to the Free Trade Port of Jebel Ali, located in Dubai. From there it was sold to traders in Central Africa and parts of the Middle East. While I absolutely … Read More