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Jungle Scout was built by sellers, for sellers. Whether you’re just starting out or growing your brand on Amazon, get expert training from Amazon sellers right in Jungle Scout. Academy provides over 90 video tutorials that teach you the ins and outs of Amazon.

  • Learn from Greg Mercer, an 8-figure Amazon seller
  • Launch your first product and build your business one step at a time
  • Attend live Q&A sessions

Generate product ideas

Product Database

Product Database is your idea-finding machine. Quickly sift through Amazon’s entire catalog with advanced filters so you can hunt for specific products you want to sell.

  • Sort over 70 million products based on parameters you set
  • Model your product on other successful products
  • Instantly add products to your product tracker

Discover opportunities by keyword

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder helps you discover amazing opportunities based on top keywords customers are searching for.

  • Find profitable product ideas quickly
  • View sales over time and evaluate seasonality
  • Get a Niche Score for the keywords you’re exploring — based on demand, competition, and listing quality

Monitor product performance

Product Tracker

Easily organize, group, and compare product ideas and sales metrics. Get historical data on products you want to sell, as well as your competitors’ products.

  • See daily sales of your competitors’ products
  • Track a product or group of products to evaluate sales over time
  • Keep tabs on your competitors throughout your product’s lifecycle

One-click product research


Instantly validate product ideas as you browse Amazon. Extension uses our AccuSales™ estimates, historical sales, and historical pricing data to take the guesswork out of your product research.

  • See sales estimates, competitive data, and profit projections in real-time
  • Leverage Jungle Scout’s powerful Opportunity Score — based on product demand, competition, and listing quality
  • Request reviews in one-click directly through Seller Central

 Plan your keywords

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout allows you to view search volume, recommended giveaway numbers, and suggested PPC bids for keywords customers are searching for. Our Rank Tracker feature also tracks the organic keyword rankings for your products and your competitors.

  • Build competitive and affordable Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Learn how shoppers are searching for your product
  • Predict the exact number of units to give away at launch

Optimize your listings instantly

Listing Builder

Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder helps you compete for critical ranking on Amazon search results. Optimize your listings with data-driven insights and recommended keywords to boost your rankings.

  • Instantly grade your listing with our Optimization Score — based on product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more
  • Build better listings and rank higher with a proven keyword strategy
  • Easily move listing data between your Seller Central and Jungle Scout account

Evaluate your finances

Sales Analytics

Analyze the health of your Amazon business and see profit in real time. View a full picture of your finances quickly and easily, so you can feel confident in your product investment.

  • Monitor business-critical sales and profit data like units sold, net margin, ROI, and revenue
  • Create profit and loss statements and track hidden fees
  • Dive into PPC campaign analysis

Automate your inventory

Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout’s demand forecasting tools harness data to predict market trends and seasonality. Inventory Manager automates your inventory to suggest optimal stocking levels, re-order dates, and re-order quantities.

  • View real-time status of your Amazon inventory
  • Predict sales and profits
  • Avoid costly stockouts and fees
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