Thinking of Selling on Amazon? Want to know how well a product sells?
The Jungle Scout Extension can help you out & give you some juicy insights on how profitable a product is.

What Is the Jungle Scout Extension?

The Extension runs as you browse the Amazon Website, giving you key metrics on the fly. Powerful data at your fingertips!

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  • This is What you Get from the Extension

  • Estimated monthly sales

  • Revenue

  • Best Seller Rank

  • Number of reviews

  • Product Rating and much more.

Dig deeper to find your product niche:

The Jungle Scout Extension will allow you to really understand a niche and your potential competitors. It also allows you to do cool things with your data, as shown below!

Tens of Thousands of Amazon sellers have found profitable products using the Jungle Scout Extension.

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“Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I can not live without. A must-have tool for any Amazon seller!”Scott Voelker,