Terms and Conditions

1.1 Applicant requirements

As a successful Go Pitch Win applicant you are required to:

  1. Accept participation by the given deadline. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer of participation if it is not accepted by the given deadline.
  2. Appear on the Go Pitch Win Podcast on the date and time provided, and meet all of the technical requirements below.
  3. You must use a high quality webcam in good lighting, and a professional microphone for the podcast.
  4. You agree to participate in a finalist round if you are selected as a finalist of the competition.
  5. You must utilize the prize for the purposes of your business or product idea as pitched in the podcast.
  6. Agree to send Jungle Scout an update of your progress after three, six and twelve months.
  7. Agree to being contacted for updates.
  8. Agree to allowing us to use all podcast recorded sessions, your photograph and bio information on JungleScout.com and the Go Pitch Win website.

1.2 Funding

Please note that this prize fund will be funded entirely by Jungle Scout and the prize winner is responsible for any tax liability.

1.3 Marketing

We will publish all podcast content on Jungle Scout and affiliated websites as well as further details about the winner, including periodic updates about how the project impacted their business.

Applicants will be selected anonymously by an internal committee, based on merit, strength of application and reason for applying.

Winners will be contacted by email. Your contact details will not be given to any external organization or third party (ever), and will only be used to contact you about the outcome of your application.