Week 6


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Welcome to the first season of Go Pitch Win!   Each week Greg is joined by a guest judge to hear 2 entrepreneurs pitch their business or product.  After hearing the two pitches they will pick the weekly winner to move on to the final 6.  At the end of the 6 weeks, Greg will select the top 3 and then we need you to help us pick the winner!  Once the 3 finalists are announced we will open the voting for you #FreedomBuilders to choose our $10,000 winner!


Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout Founder

Greg is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, a suite of tools that empowers freedom builders. As a successful entrepreneur, Greg leads a team of 65+ employees. He is also an influential educator, offering free and inspirational content that has helped thousands of people build their own businesses and freedom.

Guest Judge

Scott Voelker, from The Amazing Seller

Scott is the founder and host of the Amazing Seller Podcast, a top ranked business show, where he helps regular, everyday people start selling products that make money on Amazon.com in their own e-commerce stores. Scott has built and helped others build six and seven figure brands selling physical products and has now taught and inspired thousands of new entrepreneurs through his take action approach.

CoolNES provides customers a practical and convenient solution to sun protection. Enjoy outdoor activities, worry free from the sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

David: Yes, so basically I'm an ex-tennis coach, tennis player. Moved to the states 6 years ago. Many years ago I did my college, tennis college career here in Mississippi and spending so many hours under the sun down here in Florida I used to get burnt a lot. And I used to wear these caps with flaps on the back of my head. So I thought, what can I create that I can remove the flap part onto all my baseball caps. And that's how CoolNES was born. So I'm gonna explain a little bit.

CoolNES is cool neck ear strap. The way it works, it has two functions. The first function, by the way this is one of the new designs which we sent to Amazon yesterday. We have five different colors. So the first function is the face mask. Obviously I always wear the product with my cap but you can use it like this, whether you're skiing or out in the sun or riding a motorbike. And the second utility for the product is a neck flap. So as you can see, I have full sun protection. When I was teaching I only used to wear it as a neck flap and it's a very simple concept. The product comes, it's two pieces. The bands come in ten different colors, it's 100% silicon and it comes in a pack like that. The flap and the band come in five different colors, a little packet like this. And in the shops and the retail we sell the product with this display. There's an LCD that explains the product and the uses. And basically we have, thanks to you guys, thanks to Jungle Scout, to Greg for being such an amazing inspiration and I'm really, I'm so nervous right now because it's like a little dream for me to be speaking to both of you.

Scott I just watched your video with your father and that was really touching because I think at the end of the day, the whole reason I created all this was a very similar story to yours. I think the whole reason I want to create this financial freedom is to have time and to be able to spend time with my family and hopefully one day have a child and to share those moments that you've been sharing with your father. So, thanks to Greg, he's been my mentor and I've never really had a mentor. Obviously my father is a cook, I love him to death and he's a very humble nice guy but I never really had anybody to guide me and since I started watching Greg speak and I've been following all his steps. And, I mean, I'm not saying I'm super successful. I think I'm gonna be but I think I'm on the right path and I have a great product and I'm selling now in all Amazon marketplaces. We're launching in Japan and Australia. We're currently in Canada, US, in Europe on all the platforms, brand registered so I have all the benefits. I have the Amazon marketing services, I have the enhanced brand content page with the video playing. That video that's played on the retail displays.

We've done around $50,000 in sales since I started, which was late August. Unfortunately when I launched the retail side of the business, it was the week before the hurricane Irma arrived to Florida. I made a couple of $1,000 sales, I posted a few shots, great feedback but for two or three months the whole state was closed down due to the hurricanes so I really focused on Amazon and you know, it's very interesting what Greg says on his videos that you don't have to invent a new product. And he's totally right. If I had to go back, it's been a huge struggle to raise the money that I've put together to invest in this idea and it was my dream. Creating my brand and my product but I think the platform that he has created to implement high demand products is really, anybody can do it and that's what I've started to do.

I not only sell this product, which obviously people aren't looking for it because it's new so I'm using other products to create exposure. Now we have eight skews, another five skews have been sent to Amazon. So yeah, things are going really well and I'm very excited obviously.


Judge Questions

Greg: Love all your branding. It looks fantastic. So you said you've done about $50,000 in sales. Let's start with what's your most popular product? I'm on your website right now seeing a number of different products. Is it that product that you just demoed to us?

David: Yes. I mean that's the one I have the most margin. So from those $50,000 let's say $40,000 have been Amazon and a little bit more than $11,000 has been retail. What's costing money is obviously putting the product in front of the consumer. So this whole digital marketing strategy for me hasn't been easy, because there is a demand for similar products which are like a neck scarf. The benefit of my product is that it doesn't create, you're not hot and it only protects either your neck or the front of your face and it flaps. So it's an amazing product because the mesh, it's a mesh fabric  but it does have UPF 50+. And the products that are out there, everybody complains about the fabric and they're super hot. So once I sell, once somebody buys the product, they're very happy with it.

Greg: So it sounds like the majority of it's on Amazon. Do you have a fair bit of sales through your e-commerce site too, CoolNES.com, or not really?

David: Not really, not at all.

Greg: Okay.

David: What I've been doing is using AMS, you know the product display ads. I'm creating a strategy right now where I'm targeting competitors and I'm targeting a specific buys, buying similar products. So the AMS has been helping a lot with these great products.

Greg: Cool. Give us a little insight about how you went about getting retailers to carry this product for you. Was it just literally going door to door knocking on small shops in southern Florida asking them to carry it? Or give us a little more insight about that.

David: I have to be honest with you. The retail has been going door to door. I'm in about 30 shops. One big shop has eight of them but I think we all know that retail is struggling a lot thanks to our friend Amazon. You know everybody buys online which is great. I am all for Amazon. But yeah you remember, I think you've spoken about this before. You know, somebody that goes on Amazon is going to buy something. I've had meetings with digital marketing companies and they want you to spend a fortune on sending traffic to my website and supposedly they say it takes between six to 15 remarketing strategies to actually make a person buy. By the time I've done that, I've spent a fortune. So I need to invest my time and money into Amazon and the marketing tools that they provide you. That's why I'm here today guys, trying to raise that $10,000. Yeah, that's the goal. But retail, obviously I get exposure, what I've mainly done is promotional items which means positioning a logo on the product. I sponsored big events, triathlons. I just got back from Dominican Republic, I sponsored the PGA tour events. I gave 2,000 flaps out and it was incredible. That's where my dream came true actually guys. So you're the first to know. One of the pros that's won eight PGA titles wore the product and I got him on TV and stuff and all the caddies were wanting it, all the volunteers were wearing it. So the PGA was a great success. Yesterday I was in the Miami tennis open and the 8th ranked player in the world, his coach was wearing it on ESPN so I'm gonna be posting that on Instagram as well.

Scott: Very cool.

David: Product you can be using for fishing, hunting, tennis, golf, any outdoor even skiing. Lot of bike riders wear it, so it's just a head accessory that you just need to have in your pocket. And you can remove it. Obviously when I used to wear the hats with the flap, you look pretty stupid when I used to walk into the clubhouse after teaching tennis. So the great thing is I could remove the flap and put it in my pocket. So yeah, I think, the problem is it takes time. Anything that's new, people are a little be scared about it and like I said, I've got two more skews now which, this one, the product the boxing, the reflex boxing one, I have a bag, transparent bag. And it's amazing how Jungle Scout, you know the theory is correct, when there's high demand in the product and you do the right marketing and you have the right words, keywords, you make sales. And obviously when I'm selling, I don't know 200-300 bags a month, guess what else they see? They see my neck face mask. So that's probably the best marketing I can do which is creating new products under my brand so I create a traffic around the real product that I want to sell, my dream product.

Greg: I was just checking out your website right now. I was checking out your Amazon listing. It looks like the neck strap's doing well on Amazon. I see it's selling 400-500 a month, it has good reviews. 4.5 stars, 57 reviews. Looks like people are saying really nice things about it.

David: I invented it was because my father has really bad skin cancer. And you know, that's the whole purpose. I spent so many hours in the sun and I really want to protect my skin so that's why I'm trying to get into the US Open. Big events, you know, where people are aware how dangerous the sun is. So that's the goal. I already spoke to a lot of big brands. Particularly I've had over, I don't know, eight meetings with the president of one of the biggest sport brands that they have a lot of licenses. And what I'm trying to do is license my product out to different sports. So for golf a certain brand, tennis another brand. So that's the retail side of it but I believe it's all going digital. I wish I was more knowledgeable in the digital side like you guys are. I'm sure that, I've actually just hired a really good guy and I've trained him and obviously I bought him Jungle Scout and we're going through the whole process and I've blown him away. Imagine a guy that's done digital marketing for years and had no idea of the whole Amazon business and Jungle Scout and how high demand products are out there and he's like, "wow, David this is amazing." So I'm paying him to train him. Something that's taken me three years thanks to you so it's all good. I'm really happy to help him and he's helping me because the sponsored ads and the key words. I'm not a digital guy. I understand but I'm a guy that needs to go out there and sell and promote the product and hopefully the snowball effect will all go. When I think about it, if somebody's looking for a product, where do they go? Do they go to Google? I think it's completely changed. I think, everybody I ask, over 60% of people to straight to Amazon so why would I be spending money on advertising on Google when I should be investing in Amazon.

Greg: Scott, I have about 20 more questions I'd love to ask David but why don't you go ahead and take one or two before I just steal the show.

Scott: Yeah, there's a lot I've got written here too. First off, how much have you invested and what are your margins?

David: I was teaching tennis, I was doing Uber driving. I've done everything you can imagine to be where I am today. I needed X amount of money. I got my real estate license. A year ago, I was teaching a huge developer here in Miami and he shook my hand and said to me "you sell me this or that, I'll give you commission." He gave me $100,000 check as a commission for a sale I made. I'm a little bit crazy. All my family, everybody says I'm crazy but I suppose they are. What did I do with that money? I made 50,000 neck face masks. I have about 35,000 pieces in inventory in China in my warehouses and they cost me around...you want me to tell you what the price.

Scott: Yeah if you could.

David: The price is around $1.80.

Scott: Okay.

David: All included. Yes, the reason I made so many of them was because three years ago when I went to Shark Tank, I showed them the prototype. You know, I bought the textile in Columbia. I went to Columbia, I brought them here to Miami, I made them. They weren't perfect. I sold them on Amazon. That's why you'll see I have some reviews from 2015 which are bad reviews because I wanted to create a new account with Amazon. That's why you guys, everything you do on Amazon, do it yourself. Like Greg says, a lot of the people at Amazon, everybody's great, lovely but actually I know more than the actual workers at Amazon today.

They made a huge mistake, two massive mistakes for me. They transferred all my reviews onto my new account and then the second big mistake, when I'm doing, let's say 50,000 of these bags; remember Greg he explains to us to put the label directly on the packaging so you don't have to pay the $.20 for all the work, they did the wrong label. So I have 50,000 bags with the wrong...you know a lot of things...a lot of things which I've learned and I'm really happy to have gone through all these things because, you know that's where I am today, learning from your mistakes.

Greg: So you invested $100,000 just in inventory. How about, I mean like your website looks good, your Amazon listing looks good. It sounds like you're doing a bunch of sponsorships at these different big events. So you're probably over $100,000 in this right?

David: Well no, everything I do is always with a win-win situation. Like with the sponsoring of events, I give them product in exchange of having a booth in front of the event. Greg: Nice, okay it doesn't cost you any cash to sponsor those, you just say "hey I'll give out 2,000 CoolNES neck.

Yeah, that's how it works right now. Right now I've got into Japan, I have one of the largest distributors there for golf equipment. They're ordering 150 bundles and I'm also in Dubai. Dubai have ordered. So retail, right now retail is the way for me to get exposure so when people go into the shop, on my display I have Amazon on the side. So obviously when they go into the shop and they leave, what do they do? Everybody goes to Amazon. So it's all about the social media. Like I said, I'm in Spain, France, Italy, Germany. I sell on all those marketplaces. Japan's gonna be big and Australia as well. It's just gonna take time.

Scott: I've got a quick question. It sounds like you're doing a lot of different things, which I commend you on. But then I would say let's go 80/20 here and let's figure out what one that you're working on...what channel...what thing...I know you're doing retail, you're doing Amazon and all the different platforms. And you've got a couple other skews going on now. Like what is your vision moving forward to really focus on? Is it the golfer? Is it the tennis player? I know you've got a whole bunch but like what is that, that thing? That's what I see that I'm not seeing clearly I guess right now.

David: Very good question. The product can be used for all these sports. Tennis players, golf, fishing. It's funny when I go into tennis, they tell me "oh it's great for golf." When I go into golf, "oh this is great for fishing." So it's a, as you can see my brand has no logo, right? It's just the name. Like I said, I'm wanting to license out my...I have the patent probably writing probably in June and I'm wanting to specifically...I don't want to give a brand name but for golf I'd like this to be branded X. For tennis, this. Fishing you guys know the fishing big brands that are out there. And I'm in discussion with all these guys but obviously I would like to stick with CoolNES and I would like, like your saying focus on building a brand. I think the future for Amazon is a person like myself that wants to create their own brand, I wanna make more products. I wanna follow the Jungle Scout mythology of high demand products and I want to improve those products because there is a lot of products out there but they need to be tweaked. Yes they need to be improved, they need to be a better quality and you can do that. So why not have 50 products under CoolNES and at the same time this will eventually grow with those other products. It seems to be when somebody buys my bag or my boxing reflex ball, they also buy the neck face mask. So honestly it is Amazon, it is creating more products, it is just replicating the system that Greg's put in place. It's not that complicated. Like you said, I've got too much going on and I'm by myself by the way. I got to admit, I hope I'm gonna be successful one day but I wouldn't repeat this again in my life. That's how...if I had to go back and I would've seen Greg before on his YouTube things...I would've done, I'm not regretting it, I'm in love with my product and my business and everything but there was an easier route to do this. You understand? It's...guys don't need to invent something. Yes I went to Shark Tank three years ago, I went again a couple months ago to Las Vegas. The whole big dream of inventing something and making all this big huge money, yeah it all sounds great but if you do things simply and you listen like your father was saying in the video...if you listen and you just follow the steps I'm not a smart guy, I'm just hungry because I want that life. I don't want the glam, I just want time. So yeah it's hard work. I made myself, I put myself in this situation so your questions very good. Do I do retail? Do I do Amazon? What sports do I focus on? It's something that right now I'm trying to go with the energy. And here I am today speaking with you guys which is my, a huge dream for me.

Greg: David I love the hunger and the passion, it really shows and I enjoy that. Two questions for you real quick. Tell us a little bit about the patent. Is this a design or a utility patent? And then I also want to hear more about your Shark Tank experience, twice over. Give us a little insight of what that was like.

David: Yeah it's a design patent. Basically the design is going to be the actual system where the band clips onto the flap and it's those two components because obviously it's a...the way I designed it, it's very comfortable and specific for the hat. And Shark Tank is quite amazing. The first time I went, I turned up there and they basically told me that I had to be more wow and yeah, it was upsetting. I've still got my wristband on by the way so I'm hoping that brings me some luck. So the second time I turned up there with a huge flag on the back of my bag and I had my display unit, I was the first one. I slept in the garage. I turned up there, was the first one to present and this time I nailed it. I know I've got a good product. I know people are buying it. I'm confident about it and it went great. And that's all I can say.

Greg: Okay, cool so after that they have you sworn to secrecy. But I guess, this is just out of curiosity, it's like it doesn't relate to your pitch. But I guess do they have like 500 contestants or whatever and then like a dozen of those people actually make it on the show? Is that essentially how it works.

David: 20,000 people apply and they say about 180-200 of them get to go onto the TV and then they say that even if you go on TV, if you don't sell and you're not a sellable person and it's not funny or whatever like for people to stick on the channel to watch it, they may cut you out of the program as well. So it's very hard, you can't, that's another dream, you can't depend on those things, you've just got to keep working and going to shops and networking and learning the Amazon because Amazon is everything. Amazon's the future. I know where my product can be and where it's gonna go. I wish I just had your brains and Scott's brains because I have the vision, I just need that IT side of things.

Greg: Okay.

David: I've got a new product, people aren't looking for that product. It's not like I've made it a demandable product but it's cost me a lot of time and money. So I think the best way is to create more products under my brand and that's what I'm gonna...I created those two, the bag and the boxing. I did that following your steps and that's working. I just need to do a bunch more.

Scott: I just want to say one thing. I think you're 100% right. You created something that you seen that there was a need for. In the same breath, people aren't necessarily searching so you're trying to get in front of traffic that is searching for something else that could also lend itself to yours. And that's a tough thing to do and again it's kinda the opposite of what we generally say because like you said, you're inventing something and you're creating something, which I commend you for, I think it's awesome. And I think it's a great product. But one thing I was thinking though Greg is and that I would say to David, is like you mentioned cancer for a second, I don't ever want to play on the cancer thing. I've had people in my life that have passed due to cancer and stuff but it is something that does aid in that. So I'm not saying that you have to bring awareness that your thing is going to necessarily be that driver but I think invoking some of that in there, even if you gave a donation or something to a charity. I see a lot of times, if you ever watch the profit with Marcus Lemonis, it's like the flex watches, that's a great one to watch. That one there, they did a great job tying in a cause that meant something to them and then that was part of the brand. So again, the awareness thing is, is like you're in the sun this, this and this. Get out of the sun because you've got a father that has cancer, I've had people in my life, you know what I mean? Like you could just weave that story. So I'm not saying don't play on that but I'm saying, if it's part of your story, share it. And also it might be a good idea to throw some type of charity cause in here cause I think it can help. I mean, I know myself, my wife's always yelling at me to put more sunscreen on my neck.

David: I'm actually, it's funny you say that because on our packaging we do, you know we do clearly put we support the fight against skin cancer and my distributor in Latin America, which are based in Dominican Republic and that's how we got through to the PGA, she's really working with this. The kids and basically it's educating the youth that the skin cancer damages is caused in the early stage. So we are doing a foundation and we are involved with that which is a great. Obviously it's very, very important.

Greg: So David you're working on this, is this like your full time job right now? Do you have other things that help you pay the bills? Or give me a little more insight there.

David: Six months ago like I said I was doing all s... everything and that investment, well not investment, that check that I got thanks to the real estate, that gave me a huge breath time but then six months ago I just..I actually got sick. I went to the hospital, I got really bad headaches and stuff because it was, it's very, working with China, remember it's not like you said you go to Ali Baba and you make the bags and you brand it and you improve the product. This is a complete different ballgame. I mean I have five factories. It's taking a long time to make these things. The bags I make somewhere else, the silicon corners I make in a different factory so the whole work actually behind it is insane. So six months ago I met somebody and I pitched them my business and it's funny, it's the first person and the only person, that I felt they looked at me and they saw my vision. So I've raised X amount of money for X% of my company and the way I pitched it was that I needed a years time. I need one year to be able to focus 100% on this. I can't be teaching tennis and doing all these other things. So I've been very fortunate, she's actually my girlfriend. So I have a year to give 110% and it's working, it's going great. What I see is that the money that we're making and reinvesting it back into the digital marketing. So all these deals that I'm doing with distributors in different countries, I need to make that cash and put it back into the Amazon platforms. That's the goal because I know where this is going. I mean, you know, it's pretty obvious.

Greg: So you're working on this full time. I guess you did mention you had hired someone or getting help from one other person. Is that right?

David: Very smart. Basically we created structure, now we've sourced a system which is gonna help and we've proven the system works through AMS through the display ads. And now we've got to go aggressive on that and that's obviously another...you know I've got two options. Either I, if I was to win this $10,000 it would be either to invest into this new strategy that we have, which is proven correct, cause it's super low but I need to go very aggressive on the investment. Or I would use the $10,000 to create more products because creating more products of high demand creates more traffic. So that's traffic to this invention that I created. So that's why I'm so happy to speak to you guys. I wish we could spend hours talking and you guys would give all your feedback and help me out here but I understand that that's not possible.

Scott: I love where you're at. My only I guess question, and again you kinda answered it but it's kind of a split is kind a like where would you take that $10,000 and what would you do with it? I would've probably liked to have heard the first one, is where you're gonna take that and really double down on what you currently have versus trying to go...I think launching other product is good but it's still gonna take work to get those going and I'd rather see energy put into that. So, that's my only thing Greg, is I just, I see that you are like all of us right, we're scattered, we have a whole bunch of things we wanna do. I think the vision for me is the thing and I think that you just need to kinda double down on what you're doing now. But as far as questions go, I think that I've got everything answered on my end.

Greg: What was your background prior to this? I mean, you had to figure out how to get a patent, how to deal with Chinese suppliers, get inside retail, all this type of stuff. I mean, are you just that much of a hustler to figure this all out on yourself? All alone or were you doing some of these types of things in a prior life?

David: Never, my dream was to become a professional tennis player. You know we're all born with some sort of ability and my father spending 35 years in the kitchen just told me, whatever you're gonna to give it 100%. He never watched me play tennis, he never had time. Very similar to Scott's. He, like I said he was a lovely guy but I never had any mentoring. So I've been out there in every step, made 100 mistakes but until the age of 17 or 18 I got a full scholarship to the university of Mississippi playing tennis but I had to quit that because I had a heart operation. So trying to become a professional tennis player, that had to stop. So I got into the coaching side of things. And yeah, basically during coaching I coached players top 20 in the world. I've been at the grand slam level, I've traveled everywhere. I met so many people but I always, I didn't want to end up spending 11 hours a day under the sun. I'm not obsessed, it's not the right word. It's just that when, you know, you see your family, like the video watching Scott and you know you see your father constantly working. I don't wanna, I'm not saying it's a bad life, I totally respect...he's got four children, he's a great guy but I want a different lifestyle. I really want that time. Yeah I have no experience in creating products. I have no experience in patents. Actually I had no money when I created my company and you know what I did? I contacted a university here in Florida and I spoke to the head attorney, professor and they used CoolNES as a case study for the class. So they did the trademark, they did everything for me and that didn't cost me anything and I'm grateful that you can't imagine so I will be sending a big box of chocolates if one day CoolNES becomes a success.

Greg: Very cool, I love it. So we have two final questions for you then. The first one is, you have any final thoughts on why you should be the one selected for the $10,000 prize?

David: I wanna be an example to people that are like myself. There's so many people out there that they know what they want but sometimes they don't have the resources or the mindset. And I just want to explain to them, tell them the story and it's pretty simple. Like what I've been through is pretty crazy but it can be done. And it's always important to have somebody that you can look up to and that can guide you. It's very important. If not, you make so many mistakes and in some sense Greg, I don't wanna again throw you so many flowers but it's the truth, it's reality. A person that can watch a video, watch YouTubes and follow step by step. A guy that's not as smart as myself. You know, you break it down a certain way that anybody can do it but like the end of the video with Scott's dad, what you guys keep saying...."go for it, go for it." You keep repeating that and people always, they just don't step into....you've gotta do it, you've gotta go for it. I mean what are you gonna lose, $2,000-$3,000. So yeah, I mean I think it's great what you guys are doing. I think this country's amazing. You can never do this where I'm from. I'm from a small town in south of Spain. You know, this everything's possible here and you just need to go for it.

Greg: One last question. After listening to all this, if anyone wants to purchase CoolNES, where is the best place for them to do so?

David: Amazon.

Greg: Search CoolNES on Amazon, C-o-o-l-N-E-S and you will find it.

David: Yes that's right and if you're in France, Germany, wherever you are in the world and there's Amazon, we're there.

Greg: Alright and I have to say it's a cool product. It gets good reviews on Amazon, I like it. This is, you know, you talked about having to bring awareness to this but this is like a kind of like a little more of a trending item right? Like you see the fisherman with the wraps like you talked about that go around your neck. You mentioned that yours is better because it lets a little more of the heat out. But this is something that I think more people are wearing and have awareness about. Before we end the show Scott do you have just one minute of feedback for David?

Scott: Yeah so I mean David, I think like I said I commend you on what you've done so far. I mean you went out there bought up 50,000 units, you don't have a choice, you've gotta go out there and sell them. So I love that, you're hungry and you've got a lot of heart. But the only thing I see lacking is focus and I think you already know that and I think I would try to figure out that 80/20 and I would double down on those. I don't necessarily think that launching those few extra products is going to give you as much as it would be to maybe reach out to some of those people in your network that might already have an audience on social or whatever and some of those ones that can endorse you. And then the last thing I would just ask you and this is just a question but you don't have to really answer it. But I would just maybe some food for thought. Like you have this background in tennis and everything. Have you ever thought about like starting something there of your own following so you can go out there and potentially reach a whole bunch of people in your audience that then you could lead them over to you? You have an expertise in tennis, I think I would use that to leverage my networking but also like your skill set. So I would think about how you can weave that into your brand as well.

David: Amazing feedback. Thank you so much and for sure the reason I'm at the Miami Open right now is because, obviously the dream would be like we're saying, one of these brands licensed the product out for that specific sport. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, you're right I've gotta focus and I've got to market each sport and use my contacts. You know and do a lot of social, what they call influences, yeah that's why I'm so happy to speak to you guys cause I wanna be, I'd love to be part of your team and everything so, yeah it's awesome. Thank you so much for all the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Greg: I kind of agree with Scott that actually my tip for you, at least for the next six months or something would actually to be just to focus on kind of like the face mask, the original CoolNES as opposed to trying to launch a bunch more products. It already is your most popular product on Amazon. Like you've already identified, it's a little bit of a battle because you have to bring awareness around this because a lot of people aren't really searching for one of these. Although some people might be. But I think it's really nice you have a patent for it. I think it's like a great product to just try to bring like more awareness around, get more people wearing it. I can see this doing really well with like influencer marketing. I don't necessarily think you should focus on this right now but I can also see this doing really well with Facebook ads or Instagram ads driving traffic to like a landing page. But yeah, I mean you're off to a great start. You sold $50,000 worth of these. I can just tell by like the drive and hustle that you have that this is gonna be successful and you are gonna make this work. So I appreciate your coming on the show. We appreciate you pitching this product. I love it and I love what you're working on so thanks again.

David: You guys are amazing, you're an inspiration. I'm so happy to be here today chatting with you guys so thanks.

Join us tomorrow to hear Greg and Scott pick this week's winner!

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