We are going to celebrate and share a little bit of information about the students who receive Scholarship funding from Jungle Scout. The whole team is involved in voting on who the winner will be each semester. So, what do we look for in a Scholarship winner?

We want to see determination, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want to feel inspired by the applicants to this Scholarship.



Scholarship Awardee – Spring 2017

Tolu Oduba is a Texas Tech University accounting junior from Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about accounting, and writing. She has won several awards in her studies already, including 1st place for her marketing pitch at Texas Tech University’s Fall 2016 Speak Up Competition, for her self-created rain apparel product “Rain Pac.”

We were all really impressed with Tolu’s enthusiasm in her application video, and loved that she has already created and started selling her very own product. Tolu will benefit from a one-to-one call with Greg to discuss her future plans for her product and ask any questions she has!

Tolu Pitching Rain Pac

at Texas Tech, Dec 6, 2016


Scholarship Awardee – Autumn 2017

Isaac Benjamin Bunker is studying Business Management at Brigham Youth University. He is also a pre-dental student and just applied to Dental School. Isaac and his wife heard about selling on Amazon and learnt all about how to launch an FBA business by following the JS Million Dollar Case Study.

Isaac wanted to gain some passive income, and not have to spend all of his time in the office, whilst also supporting his studies and his family! One day Isaac wants to become an entrepreneur and open his own Dental Practice. Until then, he is working on his studies and making money on the side from his growing Amazon business. Way to go Isaac!

Deadline: August 15th 2018