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Launching a business on Amazon is about freedom: achieving personal and financial freedom by building a real business.

It’s not about the money. Sure, the revenue generated from your Amazon business can change your life: full time income, side income, paying off debt, school loans, vacations.

But the benefits of starting an Amazon business extend far beyond financial profits.

When you sell on Amazon, you earn the freedom to work when you want, from where you want. You become a business owner with a scalable and profitable business, with high-growth potential.


Ultimately, the beauty of selling
on Amazon can be summarized in three points:

Generate a passive income

Grow an ecommerce business

Build a life of more time and freedom.

Get an unfair advantage
and find profitable products fast


Why Jungle Scout?

  • #1 The quickest way to get the most accurate Amazon sales data

    An easy-to-use Chrome extension allows you to get fast insights directly from any Amazon product page, search results page or category page.

  • #2 Dive deeper with a reverse engineered catalogue

    Search, filter and scout out a huge list of product ideas quickly, using the most robust Amazon catalogue.

  • #3 Stay on top of trends and competitor behaviour

    Automate your competitor research and double down on verifying your ideas to minimize risk.

  • #4 Find profitable niches and avoid pitfalls

    Access a one of it’s kind niche hunter, to discover opportunities with high demand and low competition.

  • #5 Reduce the risk of failure!

    Follow a proven and scalable blueprint, and access the best support and guidance in the industry to help you at every step.

What industry experts say about us:

“My team loves Jungle Scout as it is the best Amazon software out there. I love Jungle Scout’s creator, Greg Mercer. He has a teacher’s heart. He doesn’t just create a tool. He educates his users all about succeeding on Amazon and using Amazon as a tool for personal success.” 

– Robert Kiyosaki


“Jungle Scout is how I start all of my product research. It saves my team and I countless hours each and every month. Honestly, I don’t know what we did without it!”   -Kevin Rizer


“Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I can not live without. There’s ways to use it that simply blow you away once you realize the power of what they can do for your business. A must-have tool for any Amazon seller!”   – Scott Volker


Your Bundle Includes:


The Pro Chrome Extension
(lifetime purchase)


Get comprehensive revenue and sales data as you browse Amazon. Discover what sells and how competitive it is with a few clicks – or export for later!


The Web App Standard (3 month subscription)


The world’s most powerful Amazon product research tool saves time & uncovers hidden opportunity. Search the largest and most accurate Amazon catalogue, automatically track products and competitor performance & discover niches you have never before thought of.

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7 Part Video Course:
Amazon Product Research Masterclass


The Masterclass is an in-depth video course that will show you exactly how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon. Greg and Lenny will guide you through it all, so you walk away with the correct strategies for finding a profitable product.


Free E-Book:
Product Research 101


There are more than 244 million active users on Amazon. How will you grab this opportunity to launch a successful physical products business?
Developing an entrepreneurial ecommerce business all starts with one very important piece of work. Product research!

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