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Amazon intelligence, unlocked

Amazon intelligence, unlocked

Whether you want to start selling on Amazon or accelerate your brand’s growth, Jungle Scout has the industry-leading data, tools, and expertise to help you succeed.


Sellers who used Jungle Scout for a year grew their Amazon revenue an average of 367%.

Explore Jungle Scout’s powerful solutions

Explore Jungle Scout’s powerful solutions


Maximize the Amazon opportunity

Find products to sell on Amazon with Jungle Scout’s comprehensive product research tools. 

Track how products sell over time to evaluate product potential and launch your product on Amazon FBA.

Or, find new opportunities to expand your brand with the most profitable products in your niche.

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Convert customers & boost profitability

Explore top-performing keywords with powerful keyword research tools to enhance your Amazon advertising strategy and maximize your ROI. 

Make sure your product is seen by ready-to-buy shoppers with Amazon listing optimization — powered by AI. 

Plus, get more product reviews with Jungle Scout’s automated review requests.

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Run your business confidently

Monitor essential data so you gain actionable insights to manage and grow your Amazon business with confidence.

Keep a close eye on sales and profit data. Leverage advanced Amazon inventory management solutions to prevent stockouts.

Plus, Jungle Scout’s customizable alerts keep you on top of critical business changes.

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4 out of 5 of Amazon sellers wish they started sooner.

Join the 1 million+ sellers using Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is the #1 trusted solution for building & managing your Amazon business

“Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I can not live without. There’s ways to use it that simply blow you away once you realize the power of what they can do for your business.”

Scott V.

The Amazing Seller

“I LOVE review automation. I started using Jungle Scout’s Review Automation in January with 335 reviews. Seven months later, I currently have over 2000 reviews!”

Kim M.

Click & Carry

“If you’re selling on Amazon or about to start searching for your product, Jungle Scout is an absolute MUST. It truly is the most user-friendly and useful tool for Amazon sellers.”

Tatiana James

“The #1 Amazon FBA tool out there. Without Jungle Scout, it would have been impossible to start & grow my Amazon FBA business. This is the only tool you need to be successful.”

Dan Vas

“Jungle Scout not only provides accurate market data, but it’s also a complete tool suite that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers.”

Crescent Kao

“Jungle Scout is irreplaceable when researching and trying to understand the market for your product. The sales and tracking tools and educational resources make my work world easier, and my selections educated.”

Ronny C.

“One year has gone by, and I’m very happy with Jungle Scout. Very easy to use and navigate. Also, it allows me to see how well my Amazon FBA business is doing. I would be very lost with this business without Jungle Scout.”

Fidel L.

Jungle Scout Cobalt
Enterprise-level Amazon tools

Explore the advanced insights and advertising tool that helps brands and retailers turn industry-leading data into profitable strategies on Amazon.

  • Streamline reporting and research with custom data dashboards
  • Track market share, consumer trends, competitors, and more
  • Automate and optimize Amazon advertising campaigns

Get the industry-leading Amazon data used by the top sellers on Amazon.

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