Use Amazon data to find the perfect product for your Shopify store

As one of the world’s largest e-commerce giants, what customers want on Amazon reflects real market demand for products. Use that data to better understand your market and uncover opportunities for your Shopify business.

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Deep product analysis

Scan Amazon’s entire catalog on criteria like sales volume and reviews. Track potential ideas for profitability and get product idea suggestions. 

Real customer search data

Two-thirds of customer searches for products start on Amazon. See exact volume of searches and find keywords to optimize your Shopify marketing and advertising.

Instant insights

Don’t waste time over-analyzing. Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Score gives you instant product idea validation based on sales, competition and marketing quality.

Find verified suppliers

Want to know who your competition sources their products from? Jungle Scout has that data, plus the ability for you to get track records for factories and suppliers.

Exclusive e-commerce community

Jungle Scout gives you access to exclusive Amazon communities for expert insights, as well as advanced educational resources and step-by-step tutorials.

Next-level customer support

Need help? Our Customer Support works around-the-clock. They answer every Amazon question you have, whether you need advice or a one-on-one guide.

Find profitable products to sell leveraging data from the world’s biggest online marketplace

With Jungle Scout’s powerful tools, you can gain key product insights that bolster e-commerce and Amazon Marketplace performance.

Jungle Scout

A full software suite for starting and growing your Amazon business.

Popular Features
  • Find profitable products
  • Track product sales
  • Get Amazon search data
  • Research quality suppliers
  • Global marketplace search
  • User tutorials & learning tips


One-click product research data while searching Amazon from your Chrome browser.

Popular Features
  • Get instant sales estimates
  • Evaluate revenue potential
  • See Opportunity Score
  • Validate product demand
  • Analyze the competition

Plans for e-commerce entrepreneurs starting at just $39/month

Product data is the greatest way to risk-proof your business. Without historical sales and competitive data, starting a Shopify business is like shooting in the dark. Jungle Scout will help you pick proven product ideas that sell.

Find profitable products with our powerful suite of e-commerce tools.

Risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee.

Validate product demand on the world’s largest online catalog: Amazon

According to a 2019 Feedvisor study, 66% of U.S. shoppers start their search for new products on Amazon but only one-fifth of shoppers searched on Google or other search engines.

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Note: Ages 18+ who have purchased a product on Amazon in the past 24 months.
Source: Feedvisor, “The 2019 Amazon Consumer Behaviour Report” conducted by Zogby Analytics, March 29, 2019.

Where do U.S. Amazon buyers start their search for new products?


One-click Product Research

Explore opportunities while searching Amazon from your Chrome browser. Access real sales data from Amazon’s product catalog and track them to find winning products or niches.

  • Instant Amazon product sales & revenue data
  • Track product performance to analyze trends
  • Discover competitive & market intelligence data
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Opportunity Finder

Uncover Niche Product Ideas

Looking for a product to sell? Opportunity Finder is your idea-finding machine. Leveraging keyword search data, you’ll find amazing opportunities based on hot niches customers are looking for.

  • Find cool, high-value product ideas fast
  • View sales over time and determine seasonality
  • Get an Opportunity Score for the niche you’re exploring
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Product Database

Find the Needle in the Haystack. Instantly.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned seller, find the most profitable product opportunities faster than your competitors. Organize and explore all the product ideas that match your specific search criteria.

  • Sort millions of Amazon products based on parameters you set
  • Model your product on other successful products
  • Track products performance over time & view historical data
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Keyword Scout

Discover Keywords to Optimize your Listings & PPC

Leverage real customer search data from Amazon to identify market trends, optimize your listings, and boost PPC campaigns. Identify powerful keyword trends and find your position in the Marketplace.

  • Find the most impactful keywords to focus your efforts
  • See in-depth historical search volume trends and seasonality
  • Track any product’s organic search rank over time for your chosen keywords
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