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Your Guide To Uncovering Awesome Amazon Niches & Verifying Them

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1. Finding that niche

For the Amazon seller, success lies in the quality of your idea. Is there an existing market for your product? You can stack the odds in your favor by finding a high-potential niche. There’s many places where you can find niche ideas for free. All it takes is knowledge of the right search criteria, online communities, and a little creative thinking. We will cover exactly how to find passionate niche communities that are full of niche ideas!

2. Validating your niche idea

Just when you think you are making progress with your niche ideas, the time comes to validate them. Will customers line up and purchase your product idea, or shrug it with indifference? How will you find out which niches have significant demand, limited competition, and related products that you can sell? Find out how to manipulate Amazon & use other tools to validate your niche ideas!

3. How to monetize in your niche

The end game. How do we make money from a validated niche idea? What different business models are available? There’s so many ways to build a scalable business on Amazon, from selling physical product to creating a niche blog. Get insights on monetizing niches & a bonus download of over 1k niches to get you started.

  • How to find passionate niche communities
  • How to validate that your niche idea is a viable business
  • How to monetize a niche
  • And most importantly, over a 1000 niche ideas that you can use today to start an Amazon business
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Richard Sberlati

“Thank you so much! It's obvious that so much work went into providing all of this detailed information. There's so much here that I'm going to have to go over it many times because every time I get to the end I've already forgotten what I learned at the beginning!”

Mary Barnes

“Getting this list of niches really kickstarted my product research this year, and all of the best practice advice in the ebook helped me to take it so much further. I already found several products that I am discussing with manufacturers.”

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