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Learn to Sell

Learn as you go with Academy, our collection of educational resources & videos that help you sell on Amazon.

Discover Products

Access real sales data from Amazon’s product catalog and track them to find winning products or niches.

Find Suppliers

Source your products with legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands to bring your product ideas to life.

Keyword Research

Optimize your listings & PPC with the most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool on the market.

Launch Products

Promote your Amazon products directly within Jungle Scout. Drive sales through targeted customer email outreach and promotions.

Manage Inventory

Never run out of stock. Accurately predict future product demand & know exactly when and how much to re-order.

Monitor Alerts

Keep an eye on products you’re tracking or selling to monitor change in price, reviews, and more.

Analyze Sales

Your financial command center. See your ROI, units sold, revenue, net, costs and more in a simple, actionable dashboard.

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Jungle Scout + Extension
Three Months

Your essential selling toolkit. Our powerful Chrome extension and web-based software combined.

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  • 3 months of Jungle Scout +
  • 3 months of Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Jungle Scout Academy
  • Launch
  • Sales Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout + Extension
One Year

Our tools are the most effective when used together.

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You get:
  • 1 year of Jungle Scout +
  • 1 year of Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Jungle Scout Academy
  • Launch
  • Sales Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Inventory Manager

The top tools sellers trust to find products and kickstart their Amazon FBA business

Using Jungle Scout and Extension together helps you find profitable products faster and improve your chances of Amazon success.

Spy on your competitors

Product Tracker

Store and analyze your ideas over time. You can get historical data on products you want to sell, as well as your competitors’ products.

  • See the real daily sales of your competitors’ products
  • Avoid temporary fluctuations in estimations
  • Keep tabs on your competitors throughout your product’s lifecycle

Discover opportunities

Product Database

Your idea-finding machine. Pull Amazon’s entire catalog of products with advanced filters so you can hunt for the type of products you want to sell.

  • Sort millions of Amazon products based on parameters you set
  • Model your product on other successful products
  • Instantly add products to your product tracker

Generate product ideas

Opportunity Finder

Want to know what kind of products you should sell? Opportunity Finder gives you amazing opportunities based on hot niches customers are looking for. Opportunity Finder is currently available for the USA and EU marketplaces only.

  • Find cool, high-value product ideas fast
  • View sales over time and determine seasonality
  • Get an Opportunity Score for the subcategory you’re exploring

Plan your keywords

Keyword Scout

Based on what customers are searching for, you can view keyword volumes for products, recommended giveaway numbers and suggested PPC bids for selling more products.

  • Build competitive and affordable Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Learn how shoppers are searching for your product
  • Predict the exact number of units to give away at launch

One-click product research


Instantly validate product ideas as you explore Amazon. Get real-time AccuSales™ estimates, historical sales and historical pricing data to power up your product research.

  • Leverage Jungle Scout’s powerful Opportunity Score
  • Use advanced filters to refine data
  • Export your data for offline use
“The most helpful Amazon software in the space” Huff Post
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“[their] software helps sellers decide what products to offer” Wall Street Journal

“Invaluable resource! I couldn’t imagine starting an eCommerce business without the JS tool, as well as the helpful, timely videos on YT. Thanks guys!”

– Renee, Verified Jungle Scouter
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