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Minimize risks and maximize your profits with Jungle Scout. With just a few clicks, you'll soon be on your way to launching a successful Amazon FBA product.
Spy on your competitors
Product Tracker
Store and analyze your ideas over time. You can get historical data on products you want to sell, as well as your competitors products.

See the real daily sales of your competitors’ products
Avoid temporary fluctuations in estimations
Keep tabs on your competitors throughout your product’s lifecycle

Discover opportunities
Product Database
Your idea-finding machine. Pull Amazon’s entire catalogue of products with advanced filters so you can hunt for the type of products you want to sell.

Sort millions of Amazon products based on 
 parameters you set
Model your product on other successful products
Instantly add products to your product tracker

Generate product ideas
Niche Hunter
Want to know what kind of products you should sell? The Niche Hunter gives you amazing opportunities based on hot niches customers are looking for.

Find cool, high-value product ideas fast
Discover products that work within your parameters
Verify a product’s viability before making your investment

Plan your keywords
Keyword Scout
Based on what customers are searching for, you can view keyword volumes for products, recommended giveaway numbers and suggested PPC bids for selling more products.

Build competitive and affordable Amazon PPC campaigns
Learn how shoppers are searching for your product
Predict the exact number of units to give away at launch

Easy to use

Not only is Jungle Scout easy-to-use, but we offer free educational resources and 24/7 customer support to ensure your success.

Affordable solutions

Every business is different. Whether you’re looking to manage an intimate work-from-home business or a 7-figure empire, we offer a variety of packages.

Data you can trust

Jungle Scout employs a full-time staff of pHD-level data scientists to provide you the most accurate Amazon sales data in the world.

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