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A note from our founder - Greg Mercer

"Before I started selling on Amazon, I was frustrated with my life. I wanted to travel and have flexibility, without sacrificing my salary. I was able to become a six-figure Amazon seller. And I created Jungle Scout to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals. Can't wait to see where Amazon selling takes you!"


How can Jungle Scout help me?


Find amazing product ideas

Jungle Scout allows you to browse Amazon's entire catalogue and track product ideas that excite you. Use our advanced filters to save hours on research.


Get the most accurate data in the industry

Jungle Scout ensures you're never blindly picking a product. Our AccuSales™ data gives you the best possible ideas for earning with Amazon.


Get every question answered

Being an entrepreneur can get lonely, but not when you're working with us. We have a team of support agents working around the clock to answer your questions and help you out.

What does the Jungle Scout Web App do?

Jungle Scout has the most accurate product data in the industry. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools for understanding every facet of your Amazon product ideas.

Jungle Scout Standard Web App

Our Standard version of the Web App offers you: Unlimited Product Database, Keyword Scout and Niche Hunter filters. 80 tracked products. Advanced, priority support. Two additional users and all of the features here:

Product Database - A tool for finding ideas from scratch

Product Tracker - Monitor your ideas and your competitors so you never make a wrong move

Keyword Scout (NEW!) - Keyword Scout shows you what customers want on Amazon based on their searches.

Niche Hunter - Want to know which opportunities have the most potential? Find them here.


What if I’ve never sold on Amazon before?

If you’ve never sold on Amazon before, then there’s no better time to start! In 2017, third-party sellers made up 39% of total sales on Prime Day – Amazon’s biggest sales day of the year.

By next year, that could be you. Jungle Scout enables brand new sellers to learn how to sell on Amazon with around-the-clock support and the biggest database of helpful resources.

Plus, the Web App is easy to use and makes finding a great product faster and simpler.


"The most helpful Amazon software in the space"

"The best resource for data-driven product research"

"Handles the heavy lifting on big data analytics"

"Helped thousands of Amazon sellers avoid failure"

"[their] software helps sellers decide what products to offer"


Amazon sellers rely on (and really love) Jungle Scout

Here’s what our reviews consistently look like!

Bad products can mean bad investments.
Don’t risk it – use Jungle Scout to excel on Amazon!

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