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Use Jungle Scout to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable Amazon business. Discover what products have demand, what keywords will boost your sales, how to automate your inventory, and more.

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Discover products to sell

Sort over 475 million products using advanced filters to quickly reveal profitable opportunities with Product Database. Take your research further with Opportunity Finder, a powerful feature that pinpoints high-demand, low-competition product niches.

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Leverage the industry’s best data

Our proprietary AccuSales™ algorithm processes over 500 million data points daily. Act with complete confidence, knowing you are using the most accurate information possible to make big business decisions.

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Track product ideas

Save and monitor opportunities by adding them to Product Tracker. Measure the performance of a product or a group of products over time to reduce the risk of seasonality or shifts in the demand cycle. Evaluate sales and trends to validate your next winning product.

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Discover top-performing keywords

Generate keywords that convert with Keyword Scout. Easily uncover top-performing keywords that customers are searching and find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for so you can add them to your listing.

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Build optimized listings

Craft a successful keyword strategy to improve your ranking on Amazon. Discover recommended keywords and get an instant rating for your listing with our Listing Optimization Score, which grades product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more.

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Validate suppliers

Access our Supplier Database to vet established factories around the world with a proven history of manufacturing products like yours. See supplier details, their top customers, and records of their confirmed shipments.

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Get more reviews

Create product promotions to drive purchases and help your listing grow in rank. Encourage customers to leave a review with targeted email campaigns. Personalize the customer experience and catalyze the momentum of your sales.

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Evaluate your finances

Track your Amazon sales data and other key financial metrics with Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics. View profits at a product level or across your business, compare trends over time, and discover insights to minimize costs and grow your profits.

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Manage your inventory needs

Make sure you always have enough stock with accurate demand forecasting from Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager. Automate your inventory planning, so you know how much stock to reorder and when. Maximize your sales and avoid costly Amazon fees.

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