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You don’t need a huge investment or a big team – just the right tools and data to start strong


Why sell your products on Amazon?

Gain Financial Freedom

By 18 months, 50% of sellers report over $10k in revenue, even when starting with a modest investment.

Create Your Own Lifestyle

Lead the life you want to live by using Amazon FBA to enable you to sell from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Getting Started is EASY

Jungle Scout unlocks the data & resources to ensure you lay the right foundations as a successful ecommerce entrepreneur

The key to success is getting started

In order to find the best opportunities and reduce the risk of failure,
you need to be prepared with strong product and competitor research.

The Jungle Scout Software will help you to:
  • Find and validate product ideas
  • Keep track of your products
  • Assess the competition
  • Find new niches and ways to expand
  • Minimize the risk of failure

You are not alone.

Get all of the data you need and a wealth of resources and support from Jungle Scout –
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“My team loves Jungle Scout as it is the best Amazon software out there. I love Jungle Scout’s creator, Greg Mercer. He has a teacher’s heart. He doesn’t just create a tool. He educates his users all about succeeding on Amazon and using Amazon as a tool for personal success.” 

– Robert Kiyosaki


“Jungle Scout is how I start all of my product research. It saves my team and I countless hours each and every month. Honestly, I don’t know what we did without it!”   -Kevin Rizer



“Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I can not live without. There’s ways to use it that simply blow you away once you realize the power of what they can do for your business. A must-have tool for any Amazon seller!”   – Scott Volker


Start now and sell your way to the good life sooner!


All Plans Include These Features:

Unlimited Database Filtering

Get your hands on key seller metrics, like demand, competition and depth of market with ease and stay ahead of the curve.

Unique Seller Catalogue

Save so much time in finding the products and data that matters to you, with a reverse engineered Amazon catalogue. The only business partner you will need!

Competitor Tracking

Spy on your competition and stay ahead of the market without any experience. Let us track sales, reviews, ranking and more while you kick back and make money.

Accurate Estimated Sales

You need the most expansive and reliable estimated sales data to fuel your scalable online business. The most up-to-date figures are guaranteed.

Low Competition Opportunities

Eliminate the guesswork and minimize your risk by scouting out the right opportunities – so you can start making profit sooner.

Great Support!

The Jungle Scout Web App is the Amazon sellers smartest toolkit with the smartest customer support team. So if you need a hand, our friendly, round-the-clock team will be there for you.