Super Affiliate Program

Congrats, you are IN! 
Now it's time to earn big💸

You kicked butt in driving commissions for Jungle Scout and we would like to you to the welcome you into the Super Affiliate Program! ✊ This is program is invite only and for our TOP EARNING affiliates.  


Perks of the Super Affiliate Program


For You  A Raise in Commission  💵

  • 25% of all Extension Sales
  • 25% of Annual Subscriptions to the Web App on any level. 
  • Free Subscriptions to the JS Tool Suite using your affiliate account email!
  • Exclusive Promotional Percentage Bonuses for our quarterly/monthly offers. Next big offer is PRIME day. We will inform your via email! 

affiliate audience

For Your Audiences

Exclusive Promotional Material 🗳️

And you can easily add these pages to your account by following these instructions 

Promotional Pages 

Use these links directly or send us an email at [email protected] to create a custom URL for any of the promotions above

Free Promotional Software Licenses

  • 3 Free JS Light Licenses per quarter 
  • 3 Free One Month Web App Subscriptions per quarter

Please just email us at [email protected] and a screen shot of the promotion so we can set up those accounts for your audience.

Jungle Scout Swag for your Audience. Use code super to get up to $300 worth of free swag for your Audience!

Video Recording please email [email protected] if you would like to request a recording with a member of our team.


Thank you for being part of the affiliate program!
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Email us at [email protected]
and we will take care of you right away!