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Discover Your Next Profitable Product

Centralize your product research using powerful exploration and tracking features. Launch and scale your Amazon business based on data-driven decisions.

Explore New Opportunities and Find Your Product Niche

Find product ideas based on supply and demand, track sales opportunities, and use keyword trends to optimize your listings on Amazon.

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Discover Products

Quickly filter out the noise by taking advantage of Jungle Scout’s Product Database. Reveal Amazon product opportunities by applying a wide variety of filters, including category, review counts, and average sales.


Gain Insights on Consumer & Competitor Trends

Our AccuSales algorithm is your personal boots-on-the-ground operation. Act with complete confidence, knowing you are using the most accurate data possible to make those big decisions.


Track and Validate Ideas

Verify your product ideas by adding them to the Product Tracker. Monitor products over time to remove the risk of seasonality or shifts in the demand cycle. Launch your next great product confidently, backed up by accurate, up-to-date information.


Identify Keyword Trends & Optimize Listings

Keep a finger on the pulse of customer search trends, using keyword-level insights to build better product listings, increase brand exposure, and drive extra sales.


Find Quality Suppliers in Seconds

Instantly access our Supplier Database of established factories with a proven history of manufacturing products like yours. See suppliers, their top customers and their verified shipping records from all over the world.
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The #1 Trusted Product Research Tool

Created by sellers for sellers, Jungle Scout Web App is the most comprehensive tool on the market.

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