Amazon Expert Roundtable:
Listing Optimizations That Work

How To Uncover Small Changes That Generate Big Growth

Watch this exclusive live webinar with high volume sellers and Amazon experts to learn how to maximize profits from your Amazon listing.

Do you wonder how to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How can you rank for your main keywords, improve your click through rates and conversion rates to grow your profits?

The answer is found in continually tweaking and optimizing your Amazon listing.

This webinar will be 60 minutes of actionable takeaways and candid behind-the-scenes tips on how these six and seven figure Amazon sellers continue to grow their business.

Note: The content of this webinar is intended for active Amazon sellers with high monthly sales volume.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • How To Identify Growth Opportunities In Competitive Niches
  • The Exact Process to Test and Validate Your Hypotheses
  • How To Differentiate Your Product From a Sea of Identical Competitive Products
  • Real-World Examples of “Big Win” Listing Optimizations

Nick Cotter, Marketing Coordinator @ CPC Strategy

Pat Petriello, Marketplace Manager @ CPC Strategy

Andrew Browne, Co-Founder @

Greg Mercer, Founder @
Jungle Scout & Review Kick

Gen Furukawa, Marketing @ Jungle Scout