Successful Sourcing:
How To Find The Perfect Chinese Supplier For Your Amazon Product

A Special Clinic on Sourcing from China for Amazon Sellers

with Gary Huang, CEO of 80/20 Sourcing


Product research? Check!

Chose a product to sell? Check!

Found a reliable, trustworth supplier? Not so easy!

Figuring out how to find a supplier to partner with, working out the payment terms, the quality control, the packaging, and more can be a headache for all Amazon sellers. Especially for those who can not travel to China to meet with suppliers in person.


Gary Huang, CEO of 80/20 Sourcing, which teaches Amazon sellers how to save time and money when sourcing from suppliers in China. He’s managed multi-mllion dollar sourcing campaigns and worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers.

This action-packed webinar will cover:

  • How to communicate with suppliers to get the exact product specs you need.
  • How to identify the good suppliers from the bad.
  • How to negotiate pricing and payment terms to maximize profits.
  • Best Practices and common mistakes to avoid.
  • And much much more, including a Q & A Session with Gary!