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Sellers who used Jungle Scout for a year grew their Amazon revenue an average of 367%.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce fulfillment method in which sellers will outsource order fulfillment — all without having to purchase any inventory upfront. When a customer places an order, your supplier, manufacturer, or distributor will then ship the product to your customer.

Easily discover product opportunities

Zero in on trending Amazon keywords with high-demand and low-competition. Skip the tedious manual research and let Opportunity Finder’s preset categories and filters guide you to a successful product.

Find verified suppliers

Use Supplier Database to search Jungle Scout’s database of all global suppliers to source your product, or validate known suppliers by viewing their customer volume or confirmed shipments.

Write your Amazon listing with the help of AI

Listing Builder’s AI Assist can help you write a compelling listing in the click of a button. Using relevant keywords from your Keyword Bank, AI Assist automatically generates a title, description, and list of features.

More reasons to choose Jungle Scout

Industry-leading data accuracy

Since 2015 Jungle Scout has been developing and perfecting it’s data models, leading to more accurate sales and keyword estimates and search volume accuracy.

Expert created resources

Built by Sellers, for Sellers. Access our expansive resource library including industry research, on-demand training videos and so much more!

Customer support

24/7 customer support even on holidays and weekends, covering time zones  around the world. Delivering ultra-fast response times and deep Amazon selling expertise to every seller.

4 out of 5 Amazon sellers wish they started sooner.

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