Health, Fitness, and Supplement Product Trends on Amazon

Explore sales trends, consumer demand, and other market dynamics for health, fitness, and wellness products on Amazon. Exclusive insights on leading brands like Peloton, Olly, Physician’s Choice, Vital Proteins, Therabody, and more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how the supplement boom, the Sober Curious Movement, and other trends are impacting purchase behavior on Amazon
  • Valuable insights on categories like exercise equipment, vitamins and supplements, wellness products, and more
  • Data on the growing popularity of supplements, fitness trackers, and other health products on Amazon
  • Search patterns reveal how consumer demand for health products is shifting

Brands in this report

Explore the trends that are influencing how consumers shop health and wellness on Amazon

Download the report

About the report


The data included in this report was gathered using Jungle Scout’s industry-leading market intelligence, product insights, and advertising analytics tools, which are powered by nearly 2 billion Amazon data points. 30-day keyword trends data was gathered using Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout Tool; all other keyword trends data was collected using Jungle Scout Data Cloud. Sales, revenue, market share, and product data was gathered using Jungle Scout Cobalt.

Note: This data represents the U.S. marketplace for specified date ranges and filter parameters. Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Year-over-year data reflects the period of January 6, 2023 – January 6, 2024, compared to January 6, 2022 – January 5, 2023. 30-day trends data reflects the 30 days leading up to January 11, 2024.

Using the data

We encourage you to explore Jungle Scout’s Amazon Data Download Report and to share, reference, and publish the findings with attribution to “Jungle Scout” and a link to this page. For more information, specific data requests, media assets, or to reach the report’s authors, please contact us at [email protected].

About Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the leading platform for first-time and established ecommerce sellers, supporting more than $50 billion in annual Amazon revenue. Founded in 2015 as the first Amazon product research tool, Jungle Scout today features a full suite of best-in-class business management and market intelligence solutions to help sellers jumpstart and grow their ecommerce business.

Jungle Scout Cobalt empowers brands and retailers with a powerful suite of ecommerce tools designed to drive growth, maximize sales, and optimize digital shelf performance on Amazon. Comprehensive data analytics, built-in advertising automation, and intuitive visualizations provide straightforward answers to critical ecommerce questions, turning insights into action.

Jungle Scout Data Cloud gives big box retailers and investors access to millions of Amazon data points including sales estimates, historical search volume, share of voice, product insights, and more. Data Cloud offers needed scalability and flexibility by providing a way to get Jungle Scout’s industry-leading data, with the ability to analyze and visualize that data using the tools of their choice.

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