Cobalt Market Intelligence

Your solution for faster market research and deeper Amazon insights.

What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence places your own Amazon business data – like pricing, inventory, and ad spend – within broader market context like market share, sales trends, and competition, so you can maximize sales and stay ahead of market shifts.

Analyze competitors

Gather competitive intelligence to fuel decisions about product messaging, catalog expansion, ad strategies, and more. Track competitors’ sales and revenue trends, product reviews, pricing, and seasonality over time. Identify emerging competitors by viewing the top brands and products in your market.

Track market share

Generate growth or defend your position as a market leader by tracking your market share and benchmarking against competitors. View estimated revenue by brand, revenue split by seller type, and more to plan strategies that increase market share and sales.

Identify market trends

Track and anticipate trends so you can stay ahead of factors like seasonality, shifting consumer demand, and new competitors. View sales and revenue over time for a specific brand or an entire market niche. Look at trends for custom date ranges with two years of historical data at the monthly, weekly, and daily level.

Stop Unauthorized Sellers

Assess the impact of existing third-party sellers and identify opportunities to expand your Amazon presence through third-party sellers. See a breakdown of sales and revenue for first-party versus third-party sales of your products to understand competition from third-party sellers or to find and stop unauthorized resellers.

We’ve had a fantastic experience with Cobalt. We’ve been able to gain powerful market intelligence metrics, including the ability to recognize up-and-coming competitors and new opportunities.


Director of Technology, OneStone

Market Intelligence in action

Win back lost sales

Rawlings improved lost Buy Box by 70% on Amazon by using Cobalt to identify and stop unauthorized resellers.

Fuel product launches

Wahl grew sales of a newly launched product by 80% by using Cobalt to analyze and overtake competitors.

Boost traffic and conversions

Enzymedica increased monthly Amazon sales by 7x by using Cobalt to identify and act on consumer demand trends.

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