Best Amazon PPC Software for 2023

Managing advertising on Amazon is one the biggest hurdles Amazon sellers face. It takes lots of time, patience, and skill to run a profitable PPC campaign. 

This is where PPC software comes in handy. If you lack the skills or even simply the time, PPC software can help improve the effectiveness of your Amazon Advertising

Keep reading to learn more about Amazon PPC software, its benefits, and some software recommendations. 


What is Amazon PPC software?

Amazon PPC software helps automate the process of running and managing an advertising campaign on Amazon. You can set certain parameters and goals and let the tool make adjustments for you. 

Proper software will learn which strategies work best for your products and will continue to make changes as time goes on. 

Use software to manage bids, daily budgets, targeted keywords, targeted products, and to save time doing it yourself. 

What are the benefits of using Amazon PPC software?

Using software may be a great option for you if you’re new to advertising or do not have the time to run it yourself. Though before running any type of advertising, please make sure your listings are optimized and have positive reviews

So, what are the benefits of Amazon PPC?

  • AI-powered software automatically optimizes your ads
  • Custom dashboards to see how each campaign is performing 
  • Uses your daily budget more efficiently
  • Improves ROI by testing different strategies
  • Boosts your product’s Best Sellers rank
  • Improves ACOS so your ads are running profitably 
  • A hands-off approach to managing ads
  • May increase your monthly revenue and profit
  • Saves you time and money

Amazon PPC software for Amazon sellers

When it comes to managing your PPC campaigns, you should only use the most trusted software in the industry. Before choosing, make sure you do your research to figure out which tool will be best for your business. 

Downstream Impact

An advertising software such as Downstream Impact takes your advertising to new heights by improving your ROI and operational efficiency. Downstream helps sellers to hit campaign targets with less work and in less time. 

Downstream’s machine learning engine will automatically optimize your campaigns and provides sellers with high-level insights to see how each campaign performs. 

This software is designed to improve your ads profitability and product visibility on Amazon by: 

  • Tracking your positioning in the market
  • Automating your advertising campaigns
  • Showing trends in search activity on Amazon
  • Allowing you to select your KPIs and let Downstream take the wheel
  • Giving you access to highly customizable and easily shareable dashboards

Interested in Downstream? Request a demo to speak with one of our experts about how Downstream will be beneficial for your Amazon business. 

Jungle Scout Advertising Analytics

Jungle Scout also has an Advertising Analytics tool that sellers can use to evaluate the success of their ad campaigns. Quickly analyze advertising profitability with metrics and data visualizations at a company, ASIN, and campaign level.

  • Get high-level company insights
  • Analyze campaign sales performance
  • Organize your ad metrics

Resources for Amazon Advertising

If you decide to manage your PPC yourself, at least for the time being, Jungle Scout has a ton of free information on Amazon Advertising to learn how to properly and profitability run your campaigns. 

Want to learn more about how you can use Jungle Scout to launch, grow, and run your Amazon business? Click the “Learn More” button below!

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