Jungle Scout created the industry of Amazon Product Research in 2015. And since then, we have impacted over 100,000 lives by helping people find and launch Amazon businesses.

We’re hiring the next wave of Jungle Scouters in software engineering, digital marketing, customer success, and operations.

We’re a bunch of scrappy, competitive, fun-loving do-ers who run through walls to get the job done. Are you a high achiever with ambitious dreams and a consistent track record of outperforming your peers? Want to join us on our rocketship to the top? Let’s talk.

Why Is Jungle Scout A Special Place To Work?

A Top Notch Team:

We like to think that Jungle Scout is the industry-leading product research tool for a reason #humblebrag. We focus on excellence in every aspect of the company, including our people!

Team Meetups:

Whether Bali, Rio de Janiero, Vietnam, or Whistler, we have team meetups around the world to work together, plan future products, make videos, and have some fun too!

Competitive Salaries:

While we do have fun, we are a serious business. Our compensation packages are among the most competitive offerings you’ll find.


Jungle Scout is looking for intermediate full stack web and mobile developers for full-time positions.

You'll be working on architecting and building features on existing web and mobile applications, maintaining and improving the current application's code base and system architecture, as well creating new web and mobile applications from the ground up.

Although we primarily build in Rails, Node and React, you'll have the freedom to propose development of new features, micro-services, and applications in the technologies that you think are best suited for the problems being solved.

Your Responsibilities would include some array of the following:

  • Build new features on various web and mobile applications
  • Scale, maintain and improve various existing codebases and systems infrastructures
  • Contribute to maintenance and improvement of development, staging and production environments and systems infrastructure
  • Play an active role in project planning and management
  • Participate in peer code reviews
  • Mentor junior developers on programming best practices
  • Contribute to ongoing improvement of engineering practices and procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities within the team will vary depending on your experience


  • Minimum 3-5 years Experience with some subset of our primary tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Node, React, Postgres, Redis, JSON API’s
  • Experience with React Native, Swift, Java, Python, R and/or C++ is an asset
  • Experience or some decent exposure to deploying and managing staging and production environments on Heroku or AWS
  • Experience with Elasticsearch, DynamoDB (or MongoDB or Cassandra) is an asset
  • Experience with AWS services, including EC2, RDS, ElasticBeanstalk, Lambda, Cloudwatch, SQS, Kinesis is considered an asset
  • Experience working on big-data applications is a plus
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English.

Is this you? If so apply below and give us some more details about yourself and a link to your Github and/or web projects you have contributed to in the past!

This is a Vancouver, Austin or Remote position.

Jungle Scout is looking for highly enthusiastic and ambitious Junior Developers to join the team in a full-time capacity.

You'll be working on architecting and building features on existing web and mobile applications, maintaining and improving the current application's code base and learning about how to build upon, scale and maintain our systems infrastructure.

Although we primarily build in Rails, Node and React with both SQL and NoSQL based databases, you'll have the freedom to learn new technologies that you think are better suited at solving problems.

Your Responsibilities would include some array of the following:

  • Build new features on various web and mobile applications
  • Scale, maintain and improve various existing codebases
  • Work on building new web and mobile applications from the ground up
  • Participate in project planning
  • Participate in peer code reviews
  • Roles and responsibilities within the team will vary depending on your experience


  • A positive attitude and a willingness to try things, make mistakes, and learn
  • 1-2 years experience in our primary tech stack:  Ruby on Rails, Node, React, Postgres
  • Any experience with React Native, Swift, Java, Python, R or C++ is an asset
  • Any experience or exposure to Heroku or AWS infrastructure is an asset
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English.

Is this you? If so, apply below and give us some more details about yourself and a link to your Github and/or web projects you have contributed to in the past.

This is Vancouver, Austin or Remote position.

Jungle Scout is looking for an intermediate or senior DevOps engineer to join our team on a full-time capacity.

Your Responsibilities would include the following:

  • Scale, maintain and improve upon existing systems infrastructure across multiple applications
  • Propose, architect and build new and better solutions for our existing infrastructure and infrastructure for new applications
  • Streamline our infrastructure analytics systems
  • Work on improving deployment procedures across multiple staging and production environments
  • Work on optimizing deployment speeds and application performance
  • Work on optimizing database performance on both SQL and noSQL databases


  • Minimum 3-5 years experience managing, scaling and performance tuning the systems infrastructure and deployment procedures for Rails, Node and/or Django applications
  • Experience with managing and scaling deployment systems on Heroku
  • Experience with managing and scaling deployment systems on ElasticBeanstalk
  • Experience with managing and scaling Docker Applications both for development and production environments.
  • Experience working with and performance tuning Postgres and MYSQL databases
  • Experience working with an tuning Elasticsearch clusters is considered a huge asset
  • Experience working with Redis and Elasticache clusters
  • Experience working with AWS DynamoDB is a huge asset
  • Experience with various AWS services, including SQS, Lambda, Kinesis, Cloudwatch, S3
  • Experience with AWS Redshift, Aurora and/or Athena is an asset
  • Experience working with and scaling big data applications is a huge asset
  • Docker, Kubernetes experience is an asset

Is this you? If so apply below and give us some more details about yourself and a link to your Github and/or web projects you have contributed to in the past!

This is a Remote position.

This person will own the product roadmap for their assigned app (Jungle Scout or Jump Send) and they will act as the project manager for all big initiatives affecting the app. They will cross-functionally lead the support functions (engineering, marketing, customer success) through projects.


  • Quantify the roadmap decisions with metrics
  • Drive product direction and strategy
  • Own the product roadmap, objectives and KPIs
  • Plan and design A/B tests to measure the impact of improvements and new features.
  • Understand user needs and behaviour
  • Perform market research and competitive analysis
  • Oversee product execution from inception to delivery
  • Collaborate with engineering and design teams to ship new, impactful features.
  • Data Analytics: Measuring performance of existing and especially newly developed features
  • Develop and optimize development processes taking big picture ideas and breaking them down into actionable steps to deliver in aggressive timelines for completion
  • Managing and improving the product development process end-to-end
  • Managing the product roadmap by systematically analyzing and prioritizing new feature suggestions
  • Transferring customer requirements into user stories and feature specifications through direct client interaction
  • Increase user engagement by implementing streamlined, intuitive flows across a variety of channels (e.g. in-app, e-mail) with clear messaging and copy that drives users to action
  • Employ experimental, iterative approaches to perpetually improve key user and business metrics across the platform
  • Collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to engineer and execute communication campaigns, focused on educating users and driving optimal behaviour
  • Develop an intelligent user segmentation model to help ensure a user-centered approach to our overall engagement efforts
  • Act as product owner in an agile development process
  • Scope and prioritize new product features, with a technical mindset.
  • Gain clarity from various stakeholders and document the “what” we are building and socialize it both internally and externally
  • Write detailed requirements in support of the development process
  • Coordinate feature release process and communication across teams – including development, marketing, and customer success
  • Build Team Alignment – Run cross-functional collaborative sessions and facilitate group communication to ensure a shared understanding by everyone on the team.
  • Evaluate market competition and utilize research to position/reposition our products
  • Measure success of the features after the launch and collect user feedback to iterate.
  • Collect, organize and analyze customer feedback from support emails and product analytics.
  • Conduct usability testing and user surveys to understand how people are using our products to identify areas of improvement for existing products.
  • Write copy for the product (in-product language, error messages, communication with the users, and work with marketing and support to develop supplemental page copy).
  • Write detailed product specifications and stories for design and engineering
  • Identify trends and provide suggestions for improving customer value and optimizing product mix; utilize customer data to better understand behaviour in order to drive both customer engagement and acquisition

This is an Austin position. 


Digital Marketing Rockstar:

Do you wake up hungry to dive in to your analytics dashboard? Do you live in a mix of digital marketing alphabet soup–learning and applying strategies to constantly improve your game, whether SEO, SEM, PPC, email?

Being a generalist is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, that’s what we are looking for: someone who has the know-how and work ethic to know how to find, communicate with, and acquire fellow hustlers who need Jungle Scout.

What You Will Do:

  • Identify scalable opportunities for growth across marketing channels, paid and unpaid
  • Plan & oversee the execution of all SEM, SEO, Paid Social, Display Advertising, and Email campaigns
  • Optimize conversion rates at each stage of the marketing funnel
  • This list is intentionally short, as the specific tactics you employ to drive growth are completely open-ended, depending on where you identify opportunity and how you intend to capture that opportunity!

Who You Are:

  • Smart, analytical, with a penchant for execution. You know how to do your job, but don’t need to shout it from the rooftops. You will be responsible for the growth of multiple products, and will have a lot on your plate at all times….and you will love the challenge of self-improvement and constant learning.
  • You are highly analytical, and let the numbers guide your decision. You understand marketing funnels and how they can prioritize and guide your decisions and prioritization.
  • You have 3+ years in digital marketing, with the success stories and failures to prove it.
  • You can plan, prioritize, and execute without oversight and micromanaging.
  • You are creative and unconventional with your thinking to find and convert customers. And self-sufficient to set your own goals, create the campaigns quickly, launch.
  • You are an Amazon seller, with a deep familiarity of the Amazon seller ecosystem, and the challenges and goals that define Amazon sellers.

Why Jungle Scout:

We are a fun-loving group of professionals, working remotely around the world with pursuing one goal: to help people launch and grow successful Amazon businesses. Jungle Scout has competitive compensation packages, with unlimited vacation days, educational stipend, and the mindset that you should work when and where most suits your personality.

Here’s a video of the team taken on our twice-yearly trips to exotic locations around the world. Previous trips have included Bali, Rio de Janeiro, the jungles of Vietnam, coastal Mexico, Budapest, and Vancouver. We work hard and play hard, and would love to have you on the team if it’s meant to be.

This is a position in Austin, Texas. 

Do you know how to grow a customer base in China? Do you know the nuances of digital marketing in China? An FBA Seller? Like creating your own strategies, driving your own initiatives, measuring the impact of your work? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, then we have the perfect role for you.

Jungle Scout is looking for a smart and hard working digital marketer with deep experience in customer acquisition in China. You will be creating, designing, engineering, and iterating through many different types of marketing strategies and channels with the end goal of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers in the China market.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Controlling and optimizing the entire sales funnel for the Chinese market
  • Identify, create, and monitor A/B and multivariate tests to maximize conversion rates, retention, customer LTV, and other key KPIs
  • Identify each products’ ideal customer profile and work with all departments to ensure that those users’ needs are being met and exceeded
  • Grow Jungle Scout and Jump Send's organic search traffic for Chinese geographies
  • Strategize and execute marketing plans to increase brand awareness of Jungle Scout
  • Identify and iterate through marketing channels
  • Provide production vision to help identify emerging market segments


  • Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin, Cantonese, and English
  • Experience as Amazon seller, FBA, and ecommerce
  • Minimum 3 years Digital marketing experience
  • Experience with SaaS and/or enterprise software
  • Ability to lead and collaborate with both the product team and the marketing team
  • Core understanding of each product and the needs of our customers
  • Basic coding experience
  • Experience using analytics to quantify and iterate through marketing strategies
  • You have created something online before

This is a remote position. 

If digging through numbers and pulling out actionable insights from a variety of reports is your jam, then we have your golden opportunity. A place where you run your own initiatives, with autonomy, decision-making power, collaborating with leadership and making deep impact with a global community of entrepreneurs.

The Marketing Data Analyst will be responsible for capturing, analyzing, and reporting on data across all marketing channels for Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is a data-driven organization, so this tracking and reporting is key to all marketing, product, and business decisions.


    • Create tracking plan for events, tags, properties to keep track for all marketing related software.
    • Implement and manage tracking in Google Tag Manager
    • Maintain and enhance ongoing performance reporting for all marketing channels, including SEM, SEO, Direct, Email,
    • Create reporting and monitoring systems
    • Perform monthly audits to analyze performance of campaigns
    • Conduct root cause analyses to identify underlying issues driving performance variances, and develop automated reports that visually flag possible problem areas
    • Work with multiple stakeholders to ensure that all data is tagged properly and flowing across digital marketing and database systems
    • Identify and report meaningful business KPIs, while monitoring and optimizing the ROI for digital campaigns.
    • Analyze creative, landing page and web funnel A/B or multivariate tests
    • Research competitive sites and digital trends in support of development of digital marketing strategies.
    • Identify growth opportunities for Content, SEO, paid, social media team
    • Provide input and recommendations to management based on marketing research, business/functional needs and execution of strategic programs designed to promote and grow enterprise and/or brand awareness.


    • Hands-on experience with advanced analytics in R or Python preferred
    • Ability to translate analytics results into business insights
    • Ability to generate creative solutions and think outside the box
    • Solid interpersonal and communication skills (externally and internally at all levels)
    • Fast learner, with enthusiasm and ability for acquiring new technical and analytical skills and tools as needed
    • Passion for understanding the business and delivering actionable insights
    • Experience with R, Python/Matlib, Matlab, Tableau, Excel Pivot tables, SQL

Jungle Scout is looking to hire the WordPress developer to manage and optimize both the front end and back-end development. You will ideally have a combination of technical engineering skills (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript) and the visual sensibility to execute a beautiful product.

Jungle Scout is an exciting startup on a meteoric growth trajectory. This is an incredible opportunity to get in early on a company with an already large customer base and big plans for future growth!

You will work as a key hub of the marketing team, optimizing the marketing site, implementing and executing tests, and constantly improving site speed and responsiveness.


  • Maintain, design, and implement new features and functionality on our WordPress properties.
  • Ensure high-performance and availability, and managing all technical aspects of our WordPress sites.
  • Convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML pages
  • Create and optimize landing pages, opt-in forms, and various pages to improve our marketing efforts.


 Skills and Qualifications

  • Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Experience designing and developing responsive design websites
  • Comfortable working with debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome inspector, etc.
  • You’re capable of providing guidance, advice, and estimates on various development tasks.
  • Ability to understand CSS changes and their ramifications to ensure consistent style across platforms and browsers
  • At least 3 years experience as a web developer
  • At least 2 years experience working as a WordPress developer, with significant experience working with custom plugins for WordPress and working with themes/child themes
  • Domain / DNS configuration, Cloudflare. 
  • Wireframing / use case / flow diagram capabilities.
  • QA test experience. 

This is a position based in Austin. 

Big growth comes from incremental improvements. Decisions are made based on data. The job of improving conversions is an ongoing process that has many levers…..these are some of your guiding principles as a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist.

Jungle Scout is looking for a data and process-driven conversion rate optimization specialist: someone who understands the holistic approach to analyzing, testing, and improving a website to drive more sales of qualified customers.

You have created tangible results with other companies, whether SaaS, ecommerce, content, or other websites, and can create a replicable and scalable process to

You have spent countless hours poring through reports in Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSMetrics, Heap, Optimizely, VWO, and many other analytics tools to pick out the opportunities for growth. There is an ever-expanding list of hypotheses to test, results to analyze, reports to run.

If this is you, and you are interested in joining a distributed, fun startup in hyper-growth mode, then let us know!

This position is in Austin. 


Are you ready to captain the ship of an industry-leading SaaS company, to marry sharp designs, innovative concepts, and amazing product? If you can tie together artistic design, brand narrative, and execution on pioneering a beautiful app design, then Jungle Scout is your ripe opportunity: a fast-growing doubling in size the past 3 years), profitable, and over 100k paying customers.

As Art Director, you will work to design product, marketing assets, and visuals to bring your distinctive visual identity to our product. Your days will extend between Product, Design, Engineering and Marketing, and create the common thread between each team.


  • Develop the visual design, layout and feel of the visual assets to be executed in various media
  • Conceive, organize, and execute a cohesive visual identify across all Jungle Scout properties.
  • Lead a team of talented designers—UX/UI, Visual, Communication, and more.
  • Spearhead the design of new initiatives, from concept to production, overseeing revisions corrections, and execution of product on marketing and app sites. 
  • Work end-to-end to ship great visual designs
  • Manage approval timelines to ensure marketing deadlines and standards/requirements are met
  • Develop, iterate on, and execute a system for the internal team to use to request graphic design work and be able to effectively prioritize many tasks at once 

Professional Experience & Qualifications

  • 5-7 years experience as an art director with heavy design experience for a consumer-focused brand or at an creative agency working on consumer facing brands
  • Full fluency with Adobe Creative Suite, Indesign, and Sketch
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral, with natural ability to articulate and defend design decisions
  • A strong, clean visual design sense and an ability to adhere to branding style guidelines
  • Ability to work independently and lead a growing team, take initiative, receive and follow instructions and take constructive feedback, and volunteer ideas and solutions
  • You have a compelling portfolio of work that demonstrates high quality art direction and design within a variety of campaigns and projects
  • You have a breadth of cultural reference points
  • You have a drive to break boundaries and craft the best ideas in the world of their kind

Are you are the designer that creates every piece of work to be “pixel perfect”? Everything you create, by default, has that magic combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and flair, while rooted in foundational visual design principles?

If you are an ambitious, prolific visual designer looking to work in an inspiring and autonomous environment, then Jungle Scout is where you belong!

This is your chance to be a critical component in how Jungle Scout grows and develops its brand voice, website visuals, messaging and marketing.

You will be a key player on the marketing team, putting together the visual assets for multi-channel campaigns. You will own the end-to-end visual design of web properties and all digital communication (email, social media, ads, landing pages, etc).

Your work will require deep expertise with WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Zeplin, VWO, and more, creating the layout and execution in a distinctive visual language that renders seamlessly across web and mobile platforms. If you are ready to work in an industry-leading SaaS team and develop your design skills, then we would love to hear from you!

Your Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain web-ready assets–this includes landing pages, ads, and visual assets for Jungle Scout companies: Jungle Scout, Jump Send, Fetcher, and Splitly.
  • Work within the Jungle Scout brand guidelines to create layouts that reinforce the Jungle Scout brand style.
  • Work closely with other designers to maintain and enhance our design component library
  • Enhance and maintain visual esthetics cohesively across our web and mobile platforms
  • Work collaboratively with other designers to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and user-experience.
  • Create high-fidelity comps for user testing and stakeholders to review

Your Qualifications

  • Have 3+ years experience as a professional designer 
  • Have excellent communication skills, and ability to work across functional teams (engineering, product, marketing, customer success and more). 
  • You’re on top of the newest and coolest design trends, techniques, and best practices for your mediums.
  • Are entrepreneurial. You need to be a self-starter who is comfortable with ambiguity and defining your own direction. You can operate autonomously in a fast paced environment with capacity to make informed decision and guide our customer’s success 
  • Help build and follow processes and procedures that can scale as we grow. 
  • You have a portfolio of digital work you’re excited to tell us all about.

Customer Success Representative

This person will be assigned as the primary subject matter expert for one of the Jungle Scout apps. They will report to the Jungle Scout Customer Success Manager.


  • Responsible for keeping CS team up to date on new initiatives and training as needed when processes change
  • Responsible for keeping the Knowledge Base up to date
  • Responsible for being the liaison between the  product manager, developers, marketing team and Customer Success team
  • Lead the ticket inboxes and responsible for helping customer success team with challenging, product-specific questions
  • Responsible for documenting and reporting important customer trends
  • Responsible for Facebook messages, posts, being answered in a timely manner in the company tone
  • Responsible for making sure we have webinar coverage with an expert
  • Responsible for condensing and filtering the feature requests and giving the PM a document of feature requests along with reasoning of why the feature is beneficial to Fetcher customers once a month

This position is remote. 

This person will be on the front-lines educating and supporting our customers. They will report to a Customer Success manager for the app that they are assigned.


  • Responsible for meeting all company and department specific targets for email inboxes
  • Communicates directly with customers to answer their questions as quickly and succinctly as possible.
  • Helps with all forms of customer interaction.  Emails, chat, phone, video calls, facebook, etc.
  • Must be a strong writer and typer

This position is Remote. 

This person will be part of the core leadership team at Jungle Scout and will manage a rapidly growing remote team of customer success agents. They will own customer strategy at Jungle Scout and will lead the transition from being a reactive “support” oriented team to a proactive “success” oriented team. They will report to the VP of Operations.


  • Manage the performance of the Customer Success managers (mid-level managers that report to the Director of Customer Success)
  • Responsible for the professional development of the specialists/managers
  • Updates and create new targets and KPIs for team in-line with top-level company goals
  • Responsible for hiring and firing
  • Strategic mind for the department
  • Responsible for new initiatives for the team and ensuring we are on the cutting edge of customer success methods
  • Continuously pushing the boundaries and ensuring top notch customer support
  • Transition from reactive support to proactive support
  • Overviews schedule to ensure coverage for all inboxes
  • Ensures all specialists/managers are keeping team informed about their products.
  • Responsible for staying involved in the inboxes and not losing touch with the team
  • Responsible for keeping the team updated with big initiatives throughout the company (new features, big picture goals for the company, new marketing initiatives, promotions)
  • Responsible for making sure all facebook posts and messages are answered
  • Responsible for making sure all webinars are covered with someone who can handle the webinar chat room for all apps and webinar efforts.

This position is in Austin. 


Jungle Scout is growing quickly,
and always on the look out for All Star talent.


 Whatever your talent is, we'd love to hear from you.
We just have a few questions below to help us get to know you a bit.