Advertising Analytics

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Centralize your ad and financial metrics to see the impact your PPC campaigns have on your business.

What is Advertising Analytics?

Advertising Analytics is a comprehensive tool that aggregates Seller Central and Campaign Manager data to help sellers evaluate PPC success. Analyze advertising profitability with metrics and data visualizations at a company, ASIN, and campaign level.

Get high-level company insights

Find out how well your ads are performing, where you’re spending money, and the sales ratio between sponsored and organic sales to ensure you’re aligned with your PPC goals. View advertising metrics with customizable widgets and a company-wide waterfall chart to understand the profitability of your ad strategy.

Analyze campaign sales performance

Get a transparent view into the performance of a specific ASIN or product. Track and monitor key metrics like total sales, ACoS, and TACoS to see the effect your advertising has on your organic sales.

Organize your ad metrics

Analyze multiple campaign metrics on a single page with a clean, customizable interface. Toggle between multiple views like top campaigns, product ads, and ad groups, and pinpoint relevant keywords and search terms to integrate into your ads.

Unlock your Amazon profitability with Advertising Analytics

Learn how Jungle Scout’s newest feature helps sellers extract key insights from their Amazon ad strategy.
Extract key insights for your Amazon ads with Jungle Scout’s newest feature: Advertising Analytics.

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