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We're on a mission to help aspiring sellers start selling with Amazon FBA, teaching you how to sell on Amazon - step-by-step.

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Our Mission

Step-by-Step Learning - In Real-Time

In this series, you'll learn how to research, improve, market & sell your next product. With the Customer-Driven Innovation method, we can help propel you to the next level of your Amazon business!

All of our products and progress are shared in real-time, with opportunities to ask Amazon experts questions live every week.


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Meet Your Hosts

Greg Mercer and Rolando Galeana will be your guiding stars as we release a new episode every week. They'll teach you how to use Jungle Scout to research, refine your ideas and ultimately create your own private label product!

Greg Mercer

CEO of Jungle Scout


Rolando Galeana

Entrepreneur & Amazon Enthusiast


Pencils of Promise

Every dollar we earn from the Case Study goes to Pencils of Promise. We're passionate about building schools and education for children around the world!
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"I've been reading a lot about sales strategies on Amazon, but nowhere did I find such a personal approach. The idea of the Million Dollar case study is brilliant, and it was a big boost of confidence for me.

Really glad to have found you, Jungle Scout!"


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