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Session #19 – MDCS Product Updates

It's almost the holiday season 🎄 and Kym's first product, Jungle Slumber sleeping bags, will be in stock and launching very soon, with her first air shipment on it's way to the UK fulfillment center. Before we take a break for the holidays, we're going to give you a full year update on the MDCS products and make plans for scaling and meeting our $1 million dollar goal in the New Year!

Wednesday December 20th
10a PST | 1p EST | 7p CEST


What We’ve Achieved So Far...

Over the course of 2017, we have embarked upon a mission to build an ecommerce business from scratch, and share every detail of the journey. So far, we have covered a full product launch on in 22 sessions packed full of insights.

The next step?

Making the most of the ripe opportunities overseas and starting the whole process again. We’re going to find, source and sell an Amazon FBA product in Europe!

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Where Can You Join From?

The cool thing about selling on Amazon is you can do it from anywhere. Just like you can join our weekly webinars from anywhere. They will be streaming live each week on Wednesdays. Join 20,000 people on our entrepreneurial journey launching a product on Amazon!

Can't make it?

If you can’t make it one week, don’t panic, we will be sharing full recaps, replays and slides every single week too.

Why Are We Expanding?

With a huge target of generating $1 Million in revenue, we need to start to scale this business. So far we have two FBA products, Jungle Stix and Jungle Snugs. The next big opportunity to grow an FBA business is to launch in two or more marketplaces. We want to put this to the test and show you every step of the journey.

Oh yeah,

We’re donating all profits to Pencils of Promise to increase access to quality education for kids around the world!

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Finding Product Ideas

Join Greg and Kym as they prepare to find product ideas for a successful private label launch in Europe! The Million Dollar Case Study is now an international venture, and the success will start in this session!

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Advanced Product Research

Follow along with Greg and Kym as they delve deeper into their product research to find a product with high opportunity to sell in the UK Amazon marketplace.

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Supplier Outreach &
Product Selection

Follow along in this session to find out how to start your supplier outreach to get a better idea of cost, do your profit calculations and ultimately, select which product you are going to launch!

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Find A Manufacturer In China

Expert in manufacturing and importing Manuel Becvar joins to give his top tips for working with Chinese suppliers.

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Product Design Specification

Now it's time to spec out your product idea ready for ordering samples! Follow along this simple process to ensure you have a final product that stands out from the crowd.

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Amazon VAT in Europe

Expert in Amazon VAT and PAN EU, Christoph Prokes, breaks down your VAT requirements in a way that is easy to understand.

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Amazon Product Branding

Find out how to figure out your product brand name, logo and packaging design, get a barcode, Amazon Brand Registry considerations and more.

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Amazon Listing Optimization

Find out how to build a fully optimized Amazon product listing that will convert customers from launch date onwards!

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Importing From China To Europe

This session will help to answer all of your importing, shipping, and customs questions, whether you are importing to Europe or elsewhere in the world.

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Amazon Supplier Agreements

How do you negotiate, and create an iron-clad contract with your supplier? Watch this session to learn exactly how to get the exact product that you want from your suppliers!

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Live Q&A With Greg

This session is devoted to questions that we have received, to cover any steps along the way that were confusing or needed further explanation. Also catch the latest updates on our deposit and manufacturing milestones!

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Advanced Amazon Product Photography

Your product photography is super important, find out how you can create good images yourself and how to hire a pro with a strong brief!

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Everything You Need To Know Before Selling on Amazon

In this session we take a well deserved “break” to give updates on the progress of launching a product in the UK, and for Greg to interview Kym about how she found the whole process so far, what she found difficult, what she enjoyed and much more!

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International Amazon Payments

Getting paid is a pretty important part of being an ecommerce business owner. When you sell internationally, you are going to want to have currency and conversions all figured out. Find out how in this session!

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Amazon Product Launch Europe

Exciting news! You've made it to the launchpad. Check out this episode to get a full and transparent view of ALL of the launch strategies that are available, so that you can decide which are the best for you.

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Launching With Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC (pay per click) is one of the easiest and most cost effective marketing tactics to help you win more sales. Find out how to set up your campaigns the right way, and utilize PPC as part of your launch strategy!

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Amazon Seller Analytics

Whilst the new Jungle Slumber Sleeping bags are on their way to the UK, we took the opportunity to understand how Kym will keep track of her business finances, including revenue, profits and expenses!

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