• Gathering Product Ideas

    The first step of selling on Amazon involves finding a wide variety of ideas that meet the criteria of a product that will sell well. There are five products that look promising.

  • Choosing A Product

    Narrowing down the list of potential ideas, bamboo marshmallow sticks are selected after the important data is gathered and analyzed.

  • Finding A Supplier

    Alibaba has thousands of suppliers, not all are a good fit. We started by reaching out to those that already manufacture bamboo marshmallow sticks.

  • Choosing A Supplier

    After gathering samples and communicating with potential suppliers, one company stood out from the rest.

November 2015

  • Inspecting Samples

    It is imperative to receive samples before committing to working with a company. Here we look at the samples that we received.

  • Negotiating With Suppliers

    Negotiating with suppliers is the most important step in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship that will work in the long term. Here are the best practices and templates that we used.

  • Launching Jungle Stix!

    We are preparing to launch by creating an optimized Amazon listing, with the best keywords, copy, and product positioning that we can craft. Joined by The Amazing Seller, Scott Voelker, for this session.

  • Poll Results: Donations Will Go To Doctors Without Borders

    In a poll with the audience, Doctors Without Borders is selected as the recipient for all Jungle Stix proceeds.

December 2015

  • Getting Product Photographs

    We need to take excellent product photos to stand out from the competition. This is exactly how we crafted the best images possible.

  • Gathering Product Reviews

    With our product launch around the corner, we prepare to get a surge of honest Amazon reviews immediately upon launch to optimize our organic ranking and get the social proof that comes with product reviews.

January 2016

  • Recap: 30 Days Of Selling Jungle Stix

    The first sales are in, as we recap the first 30 days of actively selling Jungle Stix on Amazon.

  • Running Pay Per Click Campaigns

    Setting up pay per click campaigns is essential to maximizing exposure of Jungle Stix and acquire new customers. This is exactly how we set up profitable advertising campaigns.

February 2016

  • The Profit & Loss Statement of Jungle Stix

    We share a detailed analysis of the revenues, expenses, and profits of Jungle Stix, with a free download template for you to use.

  • Officially Ranked #1 For Main Keywords!

    Jungle Stix are the top result for the main keywords that we targeted. These are the steps we took to make that happen.

June 2016

  • Lost Sales Due to Out Of Stock

    Good news and bad news: Jungle Stix are selling well. So well that they are out of stock. This is how that happened, and our lessons learned.

July 2016

  • Sold $56k in The First 6 Months

    In the first 6 months of sales, we have sold more than $56k in revenue, and generated $18k in profits to be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

August 2016

  • Optimize Our Listing With Split Tests

    We work to fine-tune our listing and test different aspects like Price, Main Feature image, and more in order to boost our profits. Good news: it worked, to the tune of 32% increased profits!

September 2016

  • Jungle Stix sells more than $120k

    Jungle Stix are officially a "Best Seller", have sold $25k in the past 30 days, and $127k overall. See the details here!

October 2016

  • On Track To $200k For 2016

    Jungle Stix has been cruising along nicely so far. October was a strong month. Due to the new Amazon TOS We Lost Reviews – Didn't Effect Conversion Rate. Bonus: New Amazon Profit Analytics Tool

January 2017

  • Jungle Stix 2016 Annual Report: Exceeded Target by 30%

    Jungle Stix is like a well-groomed house cat at this point–very low maintenance. After a year of sales, we have now data about seasonality and overall profitability which we can Maximize in 2017