Recession-Readiness Do’s and Dont’s

Learn which investments to make (and which to avoid) during a recession.

  • 5 investments that can lead to wins during a recession
  • 5 investments to put on pause during economic uncertainty
  • Ways to reclaim time and recoup costs so you can reinvest in your brand

Get your comprehensive guide to navigating a recession.

20 expert tips to help ecommerce brands and retailers cut costs, invest wisely, and optimize marketing to maintain a competitive edge during a recession.
  • Strategies for defining your ecommerce business’s costs and reducing overhead
  • Tips for assessing which investments can help your brand stay resilient during a recession
  • 10 ways to optimize your marketing strategy to drive sales now and set yourself up for continued strength in the future
  • Checklists and other resources to help you build a winning game plan for retail resiliency

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