Advanced Amazon Analytics: Year-End Reporting and Data-Driven Planning for Brands & Retailers

Tips, tools, and templates for reporting ROI and planning a more profitable future on Amazon.

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In this guide:

Expert tips to streamline and elevate year-end reporting. Strategies from brand owners and Amazon experts for saving time, finding your most valuable metrics, and creating meaningful visual reports.

Templates to build compelling end-of-year reports. Customizable slide deck template you can use to create reports and tailor them for each stakeholder or client.

Strategic questions to ask during end-of-year analysis. 30+ questions to guide your data analysis and uncover actionable insights that let you plan your 2024 strategy with confidence.

“It’s difficult to create a larger addressable market on Amazon. For 99% of companies, there’s an existing amount of people that come to Amazon, search for your product, and purchase it. That’s why it’s important to deeply understand what that demand is, how much of the market you’re capturing, and how much more of it you can realistically capture. That’s how you confidently set goals and seize new opportunities.”


Jungle Scout Founder & CEO

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