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Module 1
Product Sourcing
  • 1.1 Batch Product Development
  • 1.2 Why China Creates Low Quality Products
  • 1.3 How to Avoid Low Quality Products
  • 1.4 Secrets to Performing a Third Party Inspection the Right Way
  • 1.5 Government Regulated Products
  • 1.6 Protecting Your Brand In China
  • 1.7 Developing Killer Packaging
Module 2
Finding Great Suppliers
  • 2.1 How Much to Order?
  • 2.2 The “Manufacturer Spectrum”
  • 2.3 The Golden Areas of China
  • 2.4 Alibaba, Aliexpress, and
  • 2.5 Secrets to Chinese Trade Shows
  • 2.6 Tips to Using Import Records
  • 2.7 Negotiating and Pricing in China
  • 2.8 First Order & Sample Negotiation
  • 2.9 Negotiating on Re-orders
Module 3
Shipping & Logistics
  • 3.1 Optimizing Shipping Costs to US
  • 3.2 Mastering Size Tiers on Amazon
  • 3.3 How to Ship into 1 Container
  • 3.4 Shipping to 1 Fulfillment Center
  • 3.4B Enrolling & Using Amazon Global Logistics
  • 3.5 Duties & Taxes Overview
  • 3.6 Minimizing Your Duties

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