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What is Launch

Launch and promote your Amazon products directly with Jungle Scout’s Launch feature. Target your customers with personalized email campaigns and promotions.

Boost your product listing

Early sales are key to ranking higher, faster. Tap into a huge marketplace of ready-to-buy shoppers — launch and manage promotions to boost your product listing.

Acquire customer reviews

Sellers who communicate with customers through email see up to eight times more engagement. Send targeted, personalized email campaigns to increase your chances of receiving positive reviews.

Promotion abuse prevention

Limit the maximum quantity of units an individual buyer can order to prevent promotion abuse. Jungle Scout’s inventory capabilities block excessive purchasing so your promotion can gain the most traction.

Think globally

Jungle Scout’s email features support eight international marketplaces*! Send automated customer emails for your Amazon Seller Central accounts in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

*Promotions available in the US and UK only.

Do all of this and more with Jungle Scout

Save filter presets

Create and save as many custom filter presets as you need.

Sync with Product Tracker

Automatically add products to the Product Tracker is groups.

Export results to .CSV

Conveniently export your search results to a spreadsheet.

Search global marketplaces

Easily search for products in other Amazon marketplaces.

Product ranking

View a product’s Amazon ranking to help make your choice.

Profit calculator

Handy calculator to help show you all your product related fees.

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