Metrics that Matter: Reporting Success and Measuring ROI on Amazon with Jungle Scout Cobalt

In a fiercely competitive industry, understanding your key performance metrics and having a streamlined process for effective year-end reporting is not just important; it’s a game-changer. Without the right tools, performance analysis poses many challenges – from time-consuming manual reporting to sifting through mountains of data. That’s where Jungle Scout Cobalt steps in.

In this webinar, we explore critical strategies that can save you time with quarterly and end-of-year analysis, streamline reports for stakeholders, and ensure that your data is a guiding light toward success.

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Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn which key metrics every Amazon brand should monitor and how to find them
  • Get tips on streamlining quarterly and year-end reporting to give clarity on performance and build strategic road maps for the future
  • Learn best practices for measuring and presenting Amazon ROI and tailoring reports to various stakeholders
  • See how Jungle Scout Cobalt features make it faster and easier to access key performance metrics and build data visualizations that provide insight into the factors that drive sales
  • And more!

Connect with your speakers

Greg Mercer

Founder & CEO at Jungle Scout

Greg is the Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. He originally built Jungle Scout as a Chrome extension to automate his process of finding products to sell on Amazon. Today, Greg is an ecommerce expert, leading a team of 215 global employees who have built Jungle Scout into the best business management solution and market intelligence software for ecommerce sellers, brands, and agencies.

Eva Hart

Amazon Growth Expert and Agency Owner at Jungle Scout Enterprise

With 6 years of experience in the ecommerce industry, Eva has worked with nearly 100 enterprise-level Amazon brands including Shark Tank winners Tea Drops, Savvy Naturals, Dirty Cookie, Mush, and more. She is an expert in brand building, listing optimization, product design, and more.

Rolando Galeana

Senior Marketing Project Manager at Jungle Scout Cobalt

For more than 8 years, Rolando has coordinated and delivered a wide range of successful digital marketing efforts, including product launches, branding campaigns, live events, and more. As an experienced entrepreneur, he is passionate about using data-driven decision-making and experimentation to drive growth, business development, and customer satisfaction.

Tools used in this webinar

Market Insight

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