Product Launch Strategies for 2024

Expanding your presence on Amazon hinges on successful product launches. But in a landscape as vast and saturated as Amazon, uncovering white space and gaining momentum for new products is no small feat.

In this webinar, we delve deep into strategies and tactics to build the perfect product launch blueprint. From decoding consumer demand to evaluating market potential and competitors, we share everything you need to know to confidently launch new products and seize your share of the Amazon market in 2024.

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Watch the webinar to:

  • Get expert advice on crafting launch strategies, from pricing your product to leveraging influencers and other marketing tactics to gain traction
  • Learn how to conduct thorough market research to strategically develop and launch new products
  • Get tips on using social media and Amazon advertising to drive awareness and sales
  • See real-world examples of successful product launches and the strategies behind them
  • And more!

Connect with your host

Eva Hart

Amazon Growth Expert and Agency Owner at Jungle Scout Enterprise

With 6 years of experience in the ecommerce industry, Eva has worked with nearly 100 enterprise-level Amazon brands including Shark Tank winners Tea Drops, Savvy Naturals, Dirty Cookie, Mush, and more. She is an expert in brand building, listing optimization, product design, and more.

Hilary Smith

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing at Jungle Scout Cobalt

With more than a decade’s worth of marketing and communications experience, Hilary has deep expertise in business marketing strategy, customer communications, and more. She has helped to fuel growth for companies spanning a variety of industries, from fast-growing SaaS startups to global logistics companies.

Rolando Galeana

Senior Marketing Project Manager at Jungle Scout Cobalt

For more than 8 years, Rolando has coordinated and delivered a wide range of successful digital marketing efforts, including product launches, branding campaigns, live events, and more. As an experienced entrepreneur, he is passionate about using data-driven decision-making and experimentation to drive growth, business development, and customer satisfaction.

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