An illustration showing a cell phone and a treadmill. The image reads: "Fitness Brand iFit Increases Sales by 95% during Prime Day with the help of Jungle Scout Cobalt."

Fitness Brand iFit Increases Sales by 95% during Prime Day with the Help of Jungle Scout Cobalt


Amazon Prime Day is a monumental event when online retailers strive to capture the attention of millions of shoppers seeking the best deals. Prime Day 2023 shattered previous years’ records, with shoppers across the globe purchasing nearly 400 million products during the two-day July event.

Among the brands competing for sales was iFit, a leading provider of interactive personal training, on-demand fitness classes, and app-enabled home gym equipment. As any brand or retailer selling on Amazon knows, strategy and preparation are the keys to success during Prime Day.

In this post, we’ll share the story of iFit’s success during Prime Day 2023 and explore how Jungle Scout Cobalt played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable sales increase and return on ad spend (RoAS), while saving valuable hours in the process.

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Prime Day Challenges Faced by iFit


Preparing for Prime Day is no small feat, especially for brands selling in competitive categories like fitness products. For iFit, the challenges leading into the event were clear:

  • Identifying tactics to help the brand stand out amid fierce competition
  • Efficient budget management that enabled them to stay competitive while still achieving a desirable RoAS
  • Optimizing advertising strategies and making agile campaign adjustments in real time during the fast-paced sales event

In the race to drive sales during Prime Day, iFit knew data-driven decisions were the key to success – and they enlisted Jungle Scout Cobalt could help.


iFit’s Prime Day Playbook: Achieving Remarkable Results with Cobalt


iFit employed a variety of strategic tactics during Prime Day 2023, including:

  • Increasing ad spend
  • Optimizing keywords and ad targeting
  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Offering discounts
  • Crafting Prime Day-themed ad creatives

To execute these tactics successfully, iFit needed market insights that would help them ensure heavily data-driven Prime Day strategies and tools that would empower them to quickly adjust their advertising campaigns to maximize sales as the event unfolded. Jungle Scout Cobalt helped them do all of this with ease.

Wyatt Anderson, Paid Media Associate at iFit, attested to Cobalt’s impact: 

“Cobalt was very helpful in our Prime Day preparation. We were able to create automated budgets that helped us keep our campaigns active. Cobalt is very user-friendly and made it easy for us to create and edit our budgets.”

Cobalt proved to be an invaluable asset for iFit during their Prime Day preparations and throughout the event. They harnessed features like Market Intelligence to determine pricing and discounts based on the competitive landscape of their market. With the help of Cobalt’s customizable Data Dashboards, they were also able to clearly analyze the performance of both Prime Day 2022 and 2023, in order to identify the approach that would achieve the Prime Day results they were looking for. 

Overall, the team saved up to 15 hours on Prime Day research and ad campaign management, freeing up more time for strategic planning and pivoting.

“Cobalt provided insights into the fitness market and our advertising that helped us improve and advance our strategy.” – Megan Bitton, Paid Search Strategist, iFit

iFit used Cobalt’s Ad Accelerator solution, including Advanced Budget Control and automation, to incrementally increase bids and budgets to stay competitive throughout the day.

This helped them achieve an impressive $17.66 RoAS on their Prime Day advertising campaigns.

“Cobalt helped us understand the limitations of our budget and bidding, which helped us know how to bid competitively at a profitable level. This guaranteed that we could promote our products during peak time periods in the day.” – Megan Bitton, Paid Search Strategist, iFit

iFit also used Cobalt’s Digital Shelf Analytics to review data on share of voice (SOV) for top keywords in order to inform their advertising strategy.

With this valuable data to back up their strategies, iFit was able to increase sales by an incredible 95% during Prime Day.

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Lessons Learned from iFit’s Success


iFit’s Prime Day results serve as an example of how data-driven decisions and smart utilization of tools like Cobalt can make all the difference.

“Overall, Cobalt has given us greater confidence in our strategic decisions and performance.” – Megan Bitton, Paid Search Strategist, iFit

The remarkable results the brand achieved during an intensely competitive sales event are a testament not only to the strategic prowess of the iFit team, but also to the pivotal role that tools tailored to the needs of big brands – like Jungle Scout Cobalt – play in ecommerce success.

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