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Use Jungle Scout to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable business on Amazon. Discover what products are in demand, what keywords will boost your sales, how to automate your inventory and review requests, and more.

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Assess product potential

Instantly validate product ideas as you explore Amazon. Evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews in one click with the most robust extension for Amazon on Chrome and Firefox.

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Discover opportunities by keyword

Uncover promising opportunities based on high-demand and low-competition keywords that consumers are searching for. Turn a keyword into a market segment, and see in-depth data on sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights.

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Find products to sell

Organize, explore, and evaluate product ideas. Sort over 500 million products on Amazon using advanced filters to quickly reveal profitable opportunities with Product Database.

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Leverage the industry’s best data

Jungle Scout’s proprietary AccuSales™ algorithm processes 1 billion data points daily. Act with complete confidence, knowing you are backed by the most accurate information possible to make key business decisions.

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Track product ideas

Save and monitor opportunities by adding them to Product Tracker. Measure the performance of a product or a group of products over time to reduce the risk of seasonality or shifts in the demand cycle. Evaluate sales and trends to validate your next winning product.

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Refine your keyword strategy

Pinpoint the keywords that have the greatest impact on your listing and PPC advertising. Sort thousands of keywords with advanced filters — including organic and sponsored data, include/exclude terms, estimated PPC bids, and more — to develop a more refined SEO strategy and save your searches to continue optimizing your strategy.

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Build optimized listings

Create a winning Amazon listing with confidence. Discover recommended keywords in your keyword bank, rely on auto-save so you never lose your progress, and get an instant rating on your product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more with our Listing Optimization Score.

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Track keyword performance over time

View keyword rank history for multiple keywords at the same time — all on one graph. Maintain a competitive edge by monitoring how your listings and your competitors’ listings are performing in rankings over time.

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Validate suppliers

Instantly access a world of legitimate, high-quality manufacturers to make your product idea a reality. Validate suppliers by viewing their confirmed shipments and customers and even see what manufacturers your competitors are using.

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Automate review requests

Never miss the opportunity to earn a review. Automate the entire Seller Central review request process with Review Automation. Get more reviews, increase sales, and save time for your business.

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Evaluate your finances

Track your Amazon sales data and other key financial metrics with Sales Analytics. View profits at a product level or across your business, compare trends over time, and discover insights to minimize costs and grow your profits.

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Manage your inventory needs

Make sure you always have enough stock with accurate demand forecasting from Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager. Automate your inventory planning so you know how much stock to reorder and when. Maximize your sales and avoid costly Amazon fees.

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Analyze your ad spend

Extract key insights for your Amazon ads and grow your business with meaningful insights for your PPC strategy. Centralize your ad and financial metrics to understand the performance of your PPC campaigns and how they impact your overall profitability at a company, ASIN, and campaign level.

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Home Dashboard

See high-level metrics the moment you log in with our Seller Central-synced home dashboard. Our sales widgets show metrics that directly impact your business, like units sold, total sales, revenue, and more so you can keep a pulse on your bottom line.

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