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What is Product Tracker?

Within Jungle Scout, Product Tracker will track potential product ideas over time, monitoring daily inventory, sales, price, and best seller rank so you can easily measure each product’s performance.

Track real-time sales

Closely track a product’s Best Seller Rank, sales, revenue, and more, on a daily basis. The insights you gain by tracking products over time gives you the confidence to make informed business decisions.

Monitor the metrics

Whether it’s discovering unexpected opportunities or monitoring seasonality, Product Tracker shows you the metrics you care about the most. You’ll improve your sourcing and launching strategies by analyzing the calculated margins, pricing, and sales velocity.

Stay organized

Jungle Scout makes it easy for you to add products to the tracker from both Product Database and Extension. You can create lists by grouping similar products together directly in Product Tracker and ditch your spreadsheets.

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Recommended products

Never run out of product ideas with Jungle Scout’s list of recommended products.

Save product notes

Write product notes directly in Product Tracker so you always have them on hand.

Sync with Extension

Easily add products as you search on Amazon with the Extension.

Search globally

Search any product or ASIN for all Amazon marketplaces.

Instant insights

Get a clear view of a product niche’s profitability in an instant.

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