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View keyword rank history for multiple keywords at the same time — all on one graph.

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Maximize keyword power

Uncover keywords that have an established history of performing well and which ones fall short. Maximize table-data analysis by selecting preset filters to see the most critical keyword data that influences your ranking strategy.

View your competitors’ keyword performance

Reverse-search your competitors’ ASINs to identify their high-traffic keywords and track the influence of each keyword. Enter competing ASINs to receive suggested keywords to track and add to your listing.

Compare keyword rank history

Get a comprehensive picture of historical rank on one graph. View multiple keywords related to one ASIN or a grouping of ASINs. Easily observe and analyze historical ranking trends, like the last 30 or 60 days, or select a specific time frame to compare.

Streamline your process

Track and add your keywords from Keyword Lists and Keyword Scout to Rank Tracker. Add annotations directly to a product’s ranking graph so you can stay organized and assess cause and effect for future analysis.

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