Amazon U.K. Best Sellers: The Top 1,000 Products

If you want to sell on Amazon in the U.K., check out this free list of 1,000 Amazon U.K. best-selling products. You’ll get instant access to high-demand and low-competition product ideas across 10 different categories. We also include information such as the number of sellers, price, and even estimated monthly revenue for every product!

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  • Brainstorm product ideas based on real Amazon sales data
  • See number of sellers and review data to assess competitive opportunity
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Ready to find success on Amazon U.K.?

In addition to 1,000 product ideas to get you started, you'll need to know the steps to take to start selling on Amazon U.K. Check out our article to learn what it takes to sell on Amazon U.K., how to find a profitable product, and how to scale your business successfully.

Anyone can sell on Amazon U.K.!


Before you register to become an Amazon seller, you’ll need a business mail address, credit card, national ID card (this doesn’t have to be U.K.-specific — anyone can sell on Amazon U.K.), and company registration number (including a VAT number).

You can pay a monthly subscription fee, or pay a flat fee per product sold if you’re not ready to dive right in just yet.

Once your account is set up, all you’ll need is a great product idea and you’re good to go!

How to find Amazon U.K. product ideas

Start by downloading the comprehensive list on this page to see how real products are selling on Amazon U.K. now. Next, see how Jungle Scout can help you build your business every step of the way.

Use Jungle Scout’s Product Database to generate your own list of the best-selling products in a category or niche.

When you know what you’re going to sell, you can use Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database or a third-party site like Alibaba to contact a supplier to manufacture your product. This can be daunting at first, but there are a lot of ways to vet your options and find the right one.

Once you have your product in hand, you’re ready to launch! Creating your listing on Amazon is an exciting step and an important one. If you need some help, Keyword Scout can tell you exactly what your customers are searching for to find your product and ideas, and Listing Builder can help take that information and build an effective, high-converting page for your product to live on.

Once you’ve launched your product, Jungle Scout continues to provide all the tools you need to stay ahead of the game. Use Review Automation to help you get the reviews that will convince people to click on your listing and purchase your product. When you’re ready, Advertising Analytics helps you get your product listing in front of ready-to-buy customers. In the meantime, Inventory Manager helps you keep an eye on your stock — you don’t ever want your product to be unavailable or overstocked, after all.

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