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Three FREE Amazon Feedback Request Email Templates To Get More Reviews in 2019

Before we get to the Amazon feedback request templates, I wanted to quickly pay homage to Kano Jigoro.

As an early creator, Kano Jigoro had no way of knowing that the principles he used to conceive Judo in the 1880’s would extend hundreds of years to influence digital marketing. And hearing it now, it does sound kinda crazy, right?!

Judo, meaning “gentle way,” is a martial art that teaches people how to deflect an attacker’s momentum and then using it to their advantage. How is this relevant to Amazon FBA seller email marketing, Amazon feedback request templates, or, more specifically, the much sought after Amazon review?

Marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right person at precisely the right moment.

Like Judo practitioners using someone else’s momentum as their own, email takes the momentum of your customer’s purchase and uses it continue the relationship they started when they bought your product.

And because email is a key way to connect with your audience, the importance of crafting and delivering thoughtful messages can’t be underestimated. Each email has the potential to reach someone where they live: their inbox.

Want more reviews on Amazon?

Get instant access to 5 FREE review generating email templates that you can send to your customers today!

In this post, I want to share some of my best practices on setting up and executing email campaigns. I’ll showcase our top performing Amazon feedback request templates, which we send to all of our customers. Specifically, there are three emails I want to share with you.

I believe every Amazon seller should be sending them in order to build customer rapport. We need to maximize our likelihood of getting a product review.

A few notes before we begin.

  • Don’t send too many emails. I have run tests to assess the value of each email. There are diminishing returns to any email after the third. In fact, sending a fourth (or more) could have a negative impact on your business. I highly recommend capping your email frequency at three emails per order. We’ll dig into what these emails are in a second.
  • Each email needs a purpose. To liken your email campaigns to a military role, think of yourself as a sniper when you are writing emails, not as a machine-gunner. That means that each email you fire off has a very specific reason. Think about why you are sending each email. And just to have them remember who you are is NOT good enough!
  • Establish your goals. Think about how your emails tie into your long term goals. For many sellers, the most important metric will be how many sales convert into Amazon product reviews. Keep track of this, and make tweaks along the way to see how it affects the overall goals.
  • Messages are sent to everyone. These emails are sent to ALL your customers.  It doesn’t matter whether they purchased at full price, at a discount, through a deals page, lightning deal or any other time.

Now let’s get to the three emails I send after each sale.

three emails

One of the most powerful aspects of Jungle Scout is how customizable your emails can be. We also have our most popular Amazon seller email templates available to use within the app. At the click of a button, when setting up a new campaign, the templates are there!

You can also adjust the timing of your emails to suit your needs, add attachments (PDFs, eBooks, graphics, and more), and edit the content of the emails. The following is a look into my email campaign for Jungle Snugs. It’s helped me get product reviews and, ultimately, sales.

Email Template #1: The Confirmation Email “out for delivery”

When to send this email: I like to send an email right when the order is confirmed for delivery. This is generally two days before a customer receives their product, so it’s a great way to build anticipation for the product.

Why send this email: Establish communication, introduce yourself, offer your customers additional value, and reinforce their purchase decision.

Throughout the various Amazon feedback request templates featured here, Jungle Scout’s Promotions feature (again, an Amazon seller email automation) automatically pulls in your order-specific information like Product Name, Order Link, Contact Link, and much more. You’ll see them marked in the templates surrounded by {{ these curly brackets }}.

They can be selected for your feedback request email using Jungles Scout’s autofill tags.

Amazon Feedback Request Template #1:

Hi {{Buyer First Name}}!

This is {{Your Name}} from {{Your Brand}}. Thank you so much for your purchase of {{Product Name}}! We went through great lengths to make sure that our product is made of the best quality material and exceeds your expectations. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

In case you didn’t know, there’s many different ways you can use our product. To show you what I’m talking about, I’ve put together this list (see attached) containing seven great ideas for how to use our product.

Many of these ideas will help ensure you get the most out of our {{Product Name}}!

In the meantime, you can check up on your order’s progress here: {{Order Link}}.

We will follow up with you soon to make sure everything is going well with your new product. If you do have any questions or issues, make sure to contact us at:

{{Contact Link}}!

{{Brand Name}}

Email Template #2: The 2 Days After Delivery

When to send this email: I send an email a few days after the product has been delivered. I want to follow up in the days immediately after they receive the product, when they are still excited about the purchase and have fresh impressions of the product.

Why send this email: Get them to leave an early review of the product while it’s still new.

Amazon Feedback Request Template #2:

Hi {{Buyer First Name}}!

It’s {{Your Name}} from {{Your Brand}} again! According to our records, {{Product Name}} was delivered a few days ago.

One simple question: What do you think?

As you know, Amazon and the community rely on people like yourself for feedback on products so that others can also be informed about what they are buying. A little of your time and a few brief words goes a long way! Be sure to review our product here:

{{Product Review Link}}

Also, if there was anything wrong with your order, don’t forget to let us know directly at {{Contact Link}} so we can fix it!


{{Brand Name}}

Below is an example of one of the Amazon review request templates.

Email Template #3: 7 Days After Delivery

When to send this email: 7-10 days after the product has been delivered.

Why send this email:  If I have not received a product review yet, this is the last great opportunity that I have to convert the customer to write a product review.

amazon feedback request templates: setting up an email

I send this email 7 days after delivery, however, it could theoretically extend to be a longer time frame. The benefit of doing so would be that you give the customer more time to write the review on their own volition. The downside would be that they are less emotionally invested in the product and possibly less likely to leave a review, either on their own or with a reminder email.

Amazon Feedback Request Template #3:

Hi {{Buyer First Name}}!

It’s been a little while since you received our product, {{Product Name}}. We hope you have been enjoying it, and also found some fun ideas in the free ebook we sent over.

A little of your time and a few brief words would go a long way to helping other customers make a decision! If you have not already left us a review, it would help us tremendously if you took a few minutes to do so.

Simply click on the link below to leave a review:

{{Product Review Link}}

Again, if there was anything wrong with your order, please you let us know directly at {{Contact Link}} so we can fix it for you!

Best wishes,

{{Brand Name}}

Jungle Scout has several proven and road-tested Amazon feedback request templates that you can use, which makes it super simple to get started with sending email campaigns once you sign up!

Each of the feedback request templates is a great starting point! Once set up, you can add/remove emails from the sequence and of course change the copy to meet your needs.

These are the templates that we have to start you off with if you so desire:

email templates

What about negative feedback?

One concern that some sellers have is asking for reviews from customers who were not entirely happy with the product they received.

We have a Blacklist Feature to end any email campaigns sent to a customer that left less than a 3-star seller feedback review. This is very helpful to segment out anyone who is more likely to leave a lower product review.

This feature is enabled by default, simply click the Filter icon under the “Campaigns” tab to modify this:

amazon feedback request templates: the blacklist feature


I hope that this has helped you in conceiving your own email follow up sequence and that you now have saved the Amazon feedback request templates featured here!

Remember, use the wisdom of Judo masters to use momentum in your favor: craft your messages and time the delivery to mirror your customer’s mentality and guide them to where they want to go. You have tremendous power with thoughtful and strategic email campaigns, hope that you are able to harness this power to grow your Amazon business!


37 comments on “Three FREE Amazon Feedback Request Email Templates To Get More Reviews in 2019

  1. Hi Guys, great article! Could you please advise how could I get the contact link to be inserted in my template message so the customer can contact me easily without going to My orders. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alina,

      One thing you might consider is using Amazon’s new request a review feature that they added about a month ago. All you have to do is press a button and it sends the template for you automatically directly through Amazon.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing!

    Wanted to ask if adding links to the email is not breaking the rules? for example:
    {{Product Review Link Stars}}

    Amazon help says:
    “Note: Messages to buyers use plain text only. We will block any messages that contain hyperlinks or other HTML code.”

    It also says:
    “If you send a permitted email to an Amazon customer, your message cannot include:
    Links to any websites
    Links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts ”

    Thanks for teh help!

  3. I agree with Rohan, thanks a lot for sharing this useful piece of information. Email magnifies the importance of crafting and delivering thoughtful messages. As discussed in the blog, there are some great practices on setting and executing the campaigns to Amazon customers. It has helped me in conceiving the email follow up sequence. Thanks a lot!

  4. Whoa, magnificent blog page arrangement! The length of time have you been blogging with regard to? undergraduate German lessons you’re making running a blog glimpse straightforward. The entire look of the web page is a plus, since wisely because the subject material!

  5. Is it possible to send 2nd feedback reminder email to only customers didn’t reviewed yet? Or it is sending the second mail even the customer has already written a review?

  6. Super Article! Question, should our approach be the same with FBA? I asked this question since I know Amazon handles fulfillment and Customer Service etc on their end and not sure if it would be a duplication of our efforts and seem redundant and annoying to the customer? Many Thanks

    1. Hi Jae! Amazon does handle a lot of the customer service but if you give customers the opportunity to reach out to you directly it offers a more personalized experience. By allowing for that additional communication channel with your customers, you are allowing yourself to offer a better experience that can lead to more positive reviews.

  7. Hi Greg,
    Brilliant templates. This automated e-mails could play an awesome role not only in getting the customer rapport and product review but also in customer retention. Thanks a lot for sharing this great post.

  8. Hi there, will Jump Send still send emails to those customers who have already left a review or does it know when they have already left a review? One of the other review companies doesn’t have the capability to stop any future follow up emails when a customer reviews, it could make some customers mad to be chased if they have already left a review. Thanks

  9. Great article!
    I have read multiple blogs about this topic but I still have some questions.
    For example I haven’t seen any article that talks about promoting your other products on Amazon in the follow up emails, can you do that? In this link:

    Amazon states that “to divert Amazon users to another website or sales process is prohibited”, so that means that I can lead them to another of my listings on Amazon? For example putting a link that says something like “you might also like this” and it directs them to it.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey B,

      We have used this as one of our automated emails for our case study products to great effect.

      It’s a nice way to introduce yourself and let the seller know that you are there if they have any queries, and reiterate the benefits of the product they are about to receive.

      Many thanks,

      1. Kim,

        At what stage of your product launch or … listing life … would you send such a confirmation email with details about your business and the products?

        And at what moment in the purchase cycle … right after the purchase?

        Would that be a 4th message, or part of the 3 ideal messages?
        Thank you.


  10. Greg, looks great. Quick question/recommendation, on email #2 is it possible to show the customers a graphic with the 1-5 stars so they can give thier feedback from inside the email? Seems like the extra step of linking back to amazon site could reduce the number of folks that end up leaving the feedback requested.


    1. Hey Charlie,

      For sure, great idea to add a graphic, which can easily be done in the Jump Send email editor. It would be a nice tactic to see if it improves the click-through-rate and ultimately, how many people leave feedback.

      Customer’s still would need to click through to Amazon to leave the feedback, though.

      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  11. Hi, can these emails be send automatically to Amazon Marketplace customers for FBA orders? How does Jumpsend get the customer (i.e. masked by Amazon) email and order number? It has to be integrated with Amazon, doesn’t it?

    1. Hey Peter,

      Correct, Jump Send has to be linked to your Amazon account πŸ™‚ You don’t have access to the emails but you will be able to set up automated email campaigns to send to all of your customers.


      1. Kim,
        Will Amazon see the content of the emails sent through JumpSend?

        Also, when asking customers to reply to us with any issues, is it OK for Amazon if I use a different email address instead of the Contact Info link with my email from Amazon?

        Does Amazon have to see the responses of the customers?
        IF I do use the Contact Info link with my Amazon contact, will Amazon see the content of my emails to the buyer and/or the content of the emails of the buyer to myslef?

        Thank you very much.


  12. Is it possible in Jump Send to send email after some event (Confirmed, Shiped or Delivered) but only to people who left Review with 4 or 5 stars (or with 1, 2 or 3 stars)?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Anastasia,

      Your emails will go out to all of your customers when they trigger the event. Emails can now be sent based on 4 events: Confirmed, Shipped, Delivered and Refund Initiated. And you can toggle products on each campaign.

      If you were to start vetting which customers you emailed, you would be adding bias to who you ask for reviews, which would not be within Amazon’s guidelines.

      Many thanks,

  13. Thanks Greg, 8 months in I was really looking for this guide. I would like to know if you use that funny review request email at all, if so do you replace the third message? I had it set up for a standard review request 5 days after and then the funny one 10 days after, but this is 4 messages so I changed it.

    Thanks for all your advice!

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