Copywriting for Amazon Listings: 12 Steps to Increased Conversions

Copywriting is the easiest way to boost your Amazon sales quickly and efficiently, increase your conversions, improve your Best Sellers Rank & generate more profits. There is no upfront capital required to create a listing that is compelling, unique, and persuasive. However, there is a formula and strategy to piece together the words that can turn a visitor to your page into a happy customer.


The skill of copywriting is especially important in Amazon’s crowded marketplace, where products can be nearly identical and the shoppers’ attention span is incredibly short.


In this value-packed webinar, Amazon copywriting expert Karon Thackston shares 12 tips to take your copy from a run-of-the-mill block of text to a polished and professional Amazon listing. These are the same techniques that Karon’s team at Marketing Words uses to produce million-dollar-selling listings for clients.



This is the presentation that Karon reviews. The video above includes some critical details shared verbally that don’t come through in the slides.


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