Why don't people leave reviews?

Three Reasons Customers Aren’t Leaving Reviews on Amazon

Getting reviews on Amazon. It’s a frustrating part of being a seller, right?

You’ve worked so hard on creating and building your online business, only to have things slow down after launching, because no one is leaving those extremely important reviews. Why is this?

Here are three reasons why our customers aren’t leaving reviews on Amazon:

1. They forget.

Yep, that’s right; “I forgot.” 

Not that that means they’re “forgetting” on purpose. Nor does it mean your customer wasn’t happy with your product. Lots of people just simply forget to leave reviews on Amazon.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a second.

You purchase an amazing product. A couple of days later, you receive it and absolutely love it! Funnily enough, you think about reviewing the product, but it’s not on the top of your to-do list. You even rave about it to your friends and family. However, whenever you remember your desire to leave a review, you’re nowhere near your computer or phone.  

You need a reminder to leave the review, but you keep forgetting to set that up as well!

Elephant holding a sign saying don't forget

Set and send email reminders for them

This is why setting up an email campaign to contact customers after they have received their purchase is essential to gaining those all-important reviews on Amazon! It reminds them!

Giving your customers a little nudge with an email won’t hurt anyone. They may even be pleased to hear from you!

As long as your emails have PURPOSE then there is no harm in sending them. Just don’t get in the habit of bombarding your customers with pointless emails. That my friends, is spamming. And no one likes a spammer. Keep it to three emails or less.

Help keep negative feedback to a minimum

Plus, not only does sending emails out to customers after they have your product in their hands tend to bring in reviews, it can also help you avoid negative feedback. How?

Consider this:

  • Someone has a bad experience with your item, or the product is not up to their standards.
  • They want to address the issue, but they’re not sure how to get a hold of you or Amazon.

If they don’t receive an email from you as soon as their product was delivered, asking if everything’s okay, the first place they’ll likely turn to is your listing. And if they’re upset and on your listing, there’s a good chance they’ll leave a nasty review.

But, if you do send customers an email at that point in time, then you’ve established a point of communication and customers will know how to contact you with any problems they have, rather than leaving a bad review on your listing.

Remind them in social too

Another great way to ensure your customers don’t forget is to be active on your social media profiles.

By staying on top of your game when it comes to all things social, such as Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube, the chances are your customer will see a post and they just may think, “Damn, that’s right. I love their stuff! I need to leave them a review!”

Why not set up a Google Alert for your product/brand? That way you can monitor what is being said about your products.

2. They don’t know where, or how, to leave a review.

It’s difficult for many of us to fathom that some people out there aren’t great at navigating the internet, or using a computer at all. But it’s true that not everyone is as comfortable with the technology as we are. And that means some people who purchase your product may not know how to leave  reviews on Amazon, even if they wanted to.

For example, I know people who know how to use Amazon, and that’s it. That’s the furthest they’ll go into the world wide web. They know how to buy something online, from that website, and that’s it. So you have to make it EASY for people. 

Hook ’em up

The best way to accomplish this is by sending your customers an email post-purchase. In that email, when you’re asking for a review, include a direct link to their Amazon account feedback page.

They’ll be much more likely to leave feedback if they’re taken to where they need to go automatically, in comparison to being left to navigate there on their own.

Also, forget subtle. Make your email appealing and be obvious. Turn the review link into a button, as an example. A button makes it clear where they need to click.

Personally, I hate it when I receive an email asking me to leave feedback or to contact them, and then I have to hunt through the small print of the email to find the link.

Make it bright, aesthetically pleasing and obvious. Then, there are no excuses.

An easy way to get reviews on Amazon

And to make it even easier for you, here are five ready-to-use email templates you can download today, to help you get more reviews on Amazon!

3. They don’t have time.

This one we can probably all relate to. 

We’re leading busy lives and there never seems to be enough hours in a day. I can understand not having enough time to sit down to think up and leave feedback. 

But leaving feedback doesn’t have to take a lot of time. As sellers, we want our customers to know that it shouldn’t even take two minutes! 

As you’re setting up your email campaign, keep that in mind. Get straight to the point, and make it easy. Don’t send out emails with a whole page of text for someone to read. Huge amounts of text means it will take TIME to get through it all, so avoid that. Stick with friendly, punchy and concise.

You can even go so far as including a line in your email like:


A simple example of a review email

This will reassure your customer it won’t take much of their time, making them more likely to invest those two minutes in you and your product. A quick two minutes for them and a great review for you!

The skinny

So, those are three reasons why customers aren’t leaving reviews on your products. By following these tips, though, you can get by those blockers and you’ll soon see the reviews flooding in!

By the way, setting up an email campaign isn’t as scary as it sounds. If you’re looking to grow your sales and get more reviews on Amazon, check out and register for our free training.

Thanks for tuning in, and if you’ve come across other reasons why people aren’t leaving reviews, please share them in the comments! Always happy to hear from people in the trenches.

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