The women of Jungle Scout

The Women of Jungle Scout

Here at Jungle Scout, we’re lucky to work with women from all over the world. From Canada to the Philippines, England to Costa Rica, we all grew up experiencing different cultures and embracing diverse values.

We know we’re different, but what do we all have in common?

We’re women, out to change the world – together! We’re striving to break boundaries and eradicate any limitations women may face. We promote gender equality.

And so, to celebrate our fantastic females during International Women’s Day, I interviewed some of my incredible colleagues about their experiences working at Jungle Scout, past endeavors and more.

First, I wanted to know: who are their role models/icons?

Whether it’s performed by friends or strangers on the street, we never forget a selfless act of kindness delivered at the exact moment we needed it the most.

But when it’s a family member going out of their way to lift us up, then we move away from cherished memory territory and into role model/icon domain.

Growing up around amazing, hardworking women means being raised to believe that females are capable and strong. Leading by example, they motivated us to strive to be nothing but ourselves, to be successful (using our own definitions of the word) and to dream big.

“Mom is never too tired. She’s a house owner, a hustler, a kind human, and one of the toughest women you’d ever meet. She’s just the person with the biggest heart that I know”
– Maria; Product Manager

“Nanny made everyone feel so special and valued. She made each of us feel as though we were her favorite, because we were.”
– Regan, Customer Support Manager & Content Editor

Professional Role Models

For me, since meeting her two years ago, Elizabeth Mercer (co-owner of Jungle Scout) has been my role model. When I met her, I was instantly floored.

Never had I met such a hard working woman; one who was also unfailingly kind and fun loving. Thankfully I got to work with her for a year, before she left Jungle Scout to start her own company, Sleekform.

When I asked Elizabeth about her icons and role models, she immediately answered:

“Sara Blakely! What an inspiring, real person who never said things were easy, but always said things are possible if you just start and become curious.”

Fictional Role Models

But not all role models live and breath in our world. Some only exist on TV, in films and on the pages of our favorite books.

My best friend, Levi (yep! I get to work with my bestie every day!), told me her icon is Hermione from Harry Potter. JK Rowling wrote such a formidable character, no wonder Levi uses her for inspiration.

“She’s the first woman I read about who was unapologetically clever, determined and brave.”
– Levi; Customer Support Representative

Next, I wondered what kind of advice everyone would give to a woman just starting out.

Before I started at Jungle Scout, I worked in the male-dominated industry of technology for six years. I was a technician.

In the beginning, people would ask me regularly if I could get them a technician. They expected our technical team to be made up exclusively of men. But, as time went on, I was fortunate to see a change in people’s assumptions. Gradually I went from being the only woman in the IT department to be one of five.

And as more women joined my old workforce, as Infrastructure Managers and Website Developers, the fewer people assumed our IT professionals were all male.

Then I joined Jungle Scout.

Unlike most tech companies, 45% of Jungle Scout’s employees are women. And throw all stereotypes aside! These women work in every area of the company…even the typically male-dominated departments.

We have Kaia, who is one of our top developers. Then there’s Liann, our Business Intelligence Analyst, and Tiffany, who is our Interactive & Brand Design Manager. And we can’t forget about Stacie, our Director of Performance Marketing.

Here’s what guided some of us during our professional journeys:

“As long as you are a good listener, an excellent collaborator and are able to prioritize according to the needs of the business and those of your customer, you will do great.”
– Abigayle; Senior Product Manager

“My brother told me to not be a waste of potential.”
– Veerprit; Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Believe you can do it, all the time. Believe in yourself. You can do it!”
– Claudia; Customer Training & Onboarding Specialist

Having women working across all departments, and from different backgrounds, has been a fantastic way to broaden our horizons. It enables us to grow together.

So what about our diversity?

I was curious as to how our backgrounds affected each of us. Some of us here decided a high school education was all we could handle. Others chose to go a bit further, attending college or university. Still, more have Masters degrees, while many of us majored in subjects that have nothing to do with our current careers.

How did our individual decisions shape our current realities?

The bottom line is that it’s important to go out into the world. Whether you want a formal education or you prefer real-life experiences, learning as much as you possibly can, whenever you possibly can, will take you far in life.

True, we still have a ways to go when it comes to gender equality. But, thanks to the strides taken by the women who came before us, doors open more easily now. And we should never take that for granted.

“[Women] didn’t always have these opportunities and I’m so grateful to live in a generation where my education matters and is encouraged”
– Veerprit

“Women are more than people who just make things pretty.”
– Hilary, Marketing Project Manager

Ultimately, our suggestion is to go out there and be whatever and whoever you want to be. Be true to yourself, take every chance to increase your knowledge, and never settle for anything less.

International Women’s Day. Why is it so important?

International Women’s Day isn’t just a celebration of what opportunities are available to women today. It’s also a day to reflect on how far we’ve come, as women and as a society.

It’s a time to acknowledge our victories and recognize the work that still needs to be done. International Women’s Day is a reminder to keep fighting for our equality – in freedoms, salaries, standards, and voices.

“For me, it’s a time to reflect on my values, interests, and on making sure I am doing my small part in the world. We all have to make sure we value each other, support each other and respect each other. This is a day to remember that, and keep it front of mind.”
– Elizabeth Mercer; Jungle Scout Co-Owner

How far have we come?

In 1967 (only 51 years ago!), the first woman ran in the Boston marathon. Halfway through, someone tried to stop her by grabbing her runner’s bib.

However, despite male officials’ attempts to remove her from the race, Kathrine Switzer finished the history-making 26.2 miles (42.2 km). She paved the way for future female marathoners. Now, a mere 52 years later, over 13,700 women participate in the Boston marathon.

“It is a reminder of how far women have come in business over the last 50 years. Women are strong, intelligent and highly capable individuals. They bring so much value to the workforce, and it is wonderful to see their contributions being understood and valued. I am so grateful to be living in a time where society is striving for equal opportunities for all women, regardless of race, color, and background.”
– Abigayle

Gone are the days when women were limited in their choices. Gone are the days when we were told we could only be secretaries, nurses, teachers, or waitresses.

Now, if we’re not passionate about those professions, we have other options. We can be bankers, architects, doctors, construction workers, or stay-at-home moms. It’s up to us!.

“It’s amazing to see women in different spaces. We’re not just limited to certain roles anymore, we can do whatever we want to do”
– Levi

Finally, we spoke about our experiences, being a woman and working for Jungle Scout.

The great part of being a woman working at such a diverse company is that we all support each other whenever we can, regardless of our locations.

Even though we have so many people working remotely, we know we can rely on each other when times get tough. It’s something I cherish and am grateful for every day.

“Jungle Scout supports women but more than that they support their people. Male or female, everyone is pushed to be their best and encouraged to be who they are.”
– Elizabeth Mercer

“We have had incredible women to look up to here, at Jungle Scout”
– Claudia

“This is a company with young progressive professionals who are inclusive and supportive, regardless of each other’s success, regardless of your sex. It’s a wonderful environment.”
– Abigayle

“This is one of the most inclusive work environments I’ve even been a part of, and the people here want you to succeed…not just for the company’s sake either, but for your own. Culture-wise, Jungle Scout is ahead of the curve.”
– Regan

Being a woman who has worked at Jungle Scout long enough to see the team grow from 40 people to over 100, I can say that this company never ceases to amaze me.

Even with the rapid growth we’ve experienced over the past year, Jungle Scout women still work extremely well together. And, along with our male counterparts, we’re creating something truly special.

So let’s keep the momentum going, ladies! Keep striving for equality and power.

And happy International Women’s Day to all the women in the world, from the entire Jungle Scout team – female and male! 😀


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