Why Should I Hire An Amazon Copywriter For My Listings? 11 Copywriters Weigh In

So you’re thinking about hiring an Amazon copywriter for your listings? If you’ve never written copy for an Amazon listing before the best way to explain it is like going back to high school again and having to do an English test.

You need to do competitive research, keyword research and write intriguing sales copy to capture potential buyers. The process is long and tedious. You begin to think, “what have I got myself into?” Instead of buying a product to achieve financial freedom you feel like you just bought a job.

Mess up on your listing copy and your product might never see the first page of your niche no matter how hard you try. All those hours spent trying to learn how to write the perfect optimized Amazon listing are now wasted.

I do have some great news for you though. The Jungle Scout Market team has spent countless hours vetting only the best Amazon copywriters in the industry. These copywriters have not written tens or hundreds, but thousands of listings for Amazon Sellers just like you.

They have all the tools needed to do competitive research, keyword research and more to construct the perfect optimized Amazon listing.

We reached out to 11 of the top copywriters on the Jungle Scout Market and asked them, “Why Should I Hire An Amazon Copywriter For My Listings?”

Below are their answers…

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1. Laura – Sponsored Profit

Amazon sellers should consider hiring a professional copywriter as an investment, not a cost. After all, you’ve invested in product inventory. And you’ve most likely paid to have professional product photos taken. So why would you skimp on the most critical element of your Amazon listing – the sales copy?

A well written, effective product listing can:

– increase conversions;
– increase sales velocity;
– improve organic rankings; and
– reduce the ACoS of your PPC campaigns

Not to mention it frees up valuable time so you can focus on growing your business. Now isn’t that a worthwhile investment?



2. Arabella – Optimize My Listings

Copywriting and keyword research doesn’t come naturally to most and is often the weakest link for Amazon sellers. Getting this part right is critical for your products’ success.

Your Amazon listing is the equivalent of a physical store on the high street. From the moment a customer walks through your door you have one chance to wow them. The objective is to get them to love what they see, like how they’re spoken to and how they’re made to feel.

Most importantly you have to demonstrate that you offer exactly what they’re looking for – that your product solves their problem and will make their life easier (and better). Before any of those things can happen, the customer first has to find you (keyword optimization) to realize they like you! Not an easy task for an online seller if you’ve never done that before.

When hiring a professional copywriter it’s important that they understand not only how to write high converting copy, but also the fundamentals of selling on Amazon. With the landscape constantly changing your copywriter needs to be up-to-date on current category requirements, listing do and don’ts and the many nuances that come with selling on Amazon versus other online marketplaces. This is very hard to achieve without the copywriter having direct access to an active seller central account.

A good Amazon copywriter will have invested years honing their craft, through daily practice, constant split-testing and their love of words. This is a skill that cannot be learned overnight. With so many elements to a listing such as the product title, features and benefits, description, keywords and search terms, it’s easy to see how sellers often mistakenly get it wrong.

Unless you enjoy the art of copywriting (which most sellers admit they don’t!) optimizing your own detail page can quickly become a daunting task. Or as a client once told me, “attempting to write my listing was like being back at school doing a written English exam! I hated it!” If you can relate to this and you’re time-short, then it may be wise to leave it to the professionals.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


3. Taylor Ytuarte

There are lots of reasons to hire a professional copywriter! First and foremost, we know what we’re doing. Many of us have worked in Public Relations, Marketing, and/or have educational backgrounds in Communications and English! We’ve seen a lot, written a lot, and have the know-how to write for a specific demographic.

Second, but no less important, you are a busy entrepreneur! While I am sure you are a very capable and competent writer, it takes some time to do competitor/keyword/product research and kick around ideas about wording to craft your final product. That’s time that you could be spending marketing, talking to your manufacturer, designing packaging and more! The ability to delegate wisely is a key factor in managerial skills and a smart move to boot!

Finally, when working on any project, from research papers to blog posts to professional product copy, it always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes look over your work. Even the greatest writers in history had editors for this very reason, so if you have already written your listing, but think it could use some tweaking or fresh language, don’t be afraid to ask for an edit! We’re happy to help and excited at the prospect of helping your business thrive!

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


4. Kay Meek

Writing successful listings is a delicate balance. Copywriters who are expertly skilled in developing product listings understand the importance of writing for Amazon’s sophisticated search engine in order for a product to be displayed prominently and be discovered by the consumer. But, they also know the importance of writing powerful and appealing copy that moves the buyers to hit the “Add to Cart” button. Copy must speak personally to each buyer to convince them the product will solve a problem or enrich their life.

Often, the clincher that will convert is the power of emotions. A product listing that connects with a buyer’s feelings is difficult to write, while also satisfying the needs of Amazon’s algorithms. A master product listing writer, such as myself, can write a stellar product listing for you, saving you valuable time and mental energy. Also, product listing writers utilize rich keywords and weave them naturally throughout the title and bullets, knowing how critical this is to the success of the product! If you want a prosperous launch, invest in this incredibly important step of the process.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


5. Miguel Carvalhal

As an Amazon Seller do you want to spend time working IN your business or ON your business? Most likely you chose to sell on Amazon aspiring to get freedom. Not taking it into a 9-5 job!
You can choose to spend weeks learning how to create a great Amazon listing, but you will never get to the level where people that doing Amazon listings for 2+ years are.

Like any other business, success on Amazon is all about the choices you made and having someone that already spent years figuring out the best methods to create a great listing on Amazon in Exchange for a few hundred dollars AND having that done in 4-5 days is a no-brainer in my opinion!

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


6. Wendy Pilgram

A successful product listing on Amazon is all about having the right words in the right places. Hiring a professional copywriter who can do that effectively is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.
A great copywriter can not only get traffic to your listing with strategically placed SEO keywords, but they can also write the rich marketing copy that will persuade your potential customers to take that ultimate action – ADD TO CART.

Of course, you need a good product, a competitive price and a decent image, but otherwise, a high performing listing is mostly about the copy.
As an experienced copywriter that has helped many top sellers achieve high performing listings, this is what I do for my clients:

I take the features of a product and turn them into compelling benefits that show the potential customer how it is going to improve their life

A lot of sellers know so much about their niche and manufacturing processes that their product listing suffers from ‘the curse of knowledge’. I turn this complex, conversion-killing language into simple, customer-friendly copy

Proven selling techniques are second nature to me, and I apply this sales psychology to every piece of marketing copy I write.

Amazon sellers are often so close to their product, they can’t be objective enough to identify the correct audience, or they might have missed one of the biggest selling points. As an experienced copywriter, I provide that objectivity.

I create a rich brand tone of voice that builds trust and stands out among all the competition. This is vital for conversions. I also have a deep understanding of advertising principles and the online landscape, so my clients don’t have to!

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


7. Brian – BC Consulting

Your product listing copy is one the most important pieces for your Amazon product. You spent a lot of time, effort and money on researching and choosing the right product so why not spend money on a professional who can do your listing right, the first time. Without a proper listing your product will not show up in search and in turn, will not sell. Don’t try to do it all yourself, leave time to focus on other important aspects of your business. Hire a professional copywriter to create beautifully written and SEO optimized listings; it will be the best thing you ever did for your business.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


8. Jessica – OJ Digital Solutions

So you’ve spent all that money, time and effort to find the right product to sell on Amazon, contact suppliers, test out samples to finally start selling. You create your product listing on Seller Central, you try to fill out some text here and there and your product is finally LIVE! You wait 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks only to get disappointed that you’re not making any sales.

So why you should hire a pro copywriter even if you’re a DIY kind of person?

1 – Focus on your business – While outsourcing to the pros so you get the results you are looking for. Especially if the last thing you wrote is a text message or a tweet, do more of what you’re good at and less of what you’re average or weak at.

2- Better for your branding – if you’re serious about building a long-term business on Amazon, the copy plays an extremely important role in your brand image. You want the copy to showcase your company’s voice, mission, and vision so you create a memorable connection with page visitors, prospects and buyers.

3- Invest once and reap the benefits for a long time – Unlike PPC or any type of advertisement that needs constant investment and monitoring, an Amazon listing done by a professional will stay with you throughout your entire Amazon journey.

4- Stand out from the crowd – Differentiate yourself from competitors with persuasive copywriting that highlights the customers’ pain points and position your product as the solution to their problems while answering all their questions.

5- Don’t forget the SEO! not only it’s our job as Amazon copywriters to boost on page conversion rates but it is also to improve organic traffic to your product listing by integrating the most searched buyer keywords related to your product.

6- Save time and money – Working with a pro copywriter that has written and optimized countless listings will save you valuable time since the Amazon copywriter knows exactly all the Amazon requirements such as character limits, where to add keywords, the best layouts, html coding and uses professional paid tools that help in maximizing your listing’s potential. You’re not only saving time but also money since you won’t need to invest in paid tools or spend time learning all the processes needed.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


9. Michelle RW

While it’s always great to learn the skills that pertain to selling on Amazon such as keyword research and copywriting, it does take a lot of time to learn – especially in regards to the specific rules and requirements that Amazon enforces. Hiring an expert lets you sit back and relax while we make sure that your copy is persuasive, professional, and most importantly, full of the right keywords that bring customers to your product page.

Most product pages I come across, even if they are well written, are missing at least 10 important keywords that would have driven more traffic to their listing. If you aren’t used to writing listings and try to do it yourself, it will probably take hours or even days – and there’s a high likelihood that you’ll accidentally miss out on important keywords. Leave it to us, and you’ll save tons of time and stress.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


10. Nathanael Murphy – Listing & Sales Boost

“A great Amazon copywriter does two primary things. First, they write emotionally compelling and persuasive benefit driven sales copy that convinces more of your customers to buy your products. Good copy will increase your on-page conversion percentage. Imagine what a 10, 20 or even 30 percent increase in conversions would do to your monthly and annual sales numbers. It’s a no-brainer to make a small investment in someone who writes sales copy for a living because it can have such a large impact on your end of year income numbers. Would you be willing to spend a couple hundred of dollars to get thousands more over the course of the next few months?

The second main thing a great Amazon copywriter does is incorporate Amazon specific keyword research and SEO into both the front end AND the back end of your listings. SEO helps you rank higher which means more people can find and read about your listings. Don’t be afraid to ask your copywriter or listing optimization specialist how they help your listings rank higher with Amazon specific SEO. Here’s a hint, focusing solely on Google keywords is NOT the best way to rank on Amazon. Furthermore, great Amazon copywriters stay up-to-date on Amazon’s algorithm changes and are always following the current best practices. That way you can beat your competition in such a crowded market.

When those two things are done correctly (by professionals who excel at accomplishing them) your sales can increase dramatically. More eyeballs on your listings AND a higher on-page conversion percentage leads to dramatically more sales and higher profits for you. Plus, you can liquidate inventory faster and find those winners even easier. More winners mean more profits and faster growth on Amazon.

Finally, whether you’re doing Amazon full time or as a side source of income…you only have so many hours in the week. Effective business owners delegate the tasks they aren’t as good at or simply don’t have time to do. The more time you can spend on finding winning products and finding good suppliers (because you’re hiring someone to do listing writing for you) is time well spent. Your business will grow
faster and so will your profits.”

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


11. Vicki Weinberg

I’d say that often Amazon Sellers get hung up on promoting all the features of their product – while a professional copywriter knows that it’s the benefits that sell! A professional can help explain to a customer exactly why they need your product – what problems it will solve, how it will fit into their lives and why it’s better than the other options out there.

There’s so much competition out there, that it’s definitely worth investing the time to get your listing right.

Want to find out how I do this? Ask me.


Ready to hire a copywriter?

We hope these 11 Amazon copywriters have been able to convince you to stop burning the midnight oil writing your Amazon listings and outsource the work to the experts. You can hire any of these copywriters on the Jungle Scout Market if you’re looking for even more advice. These experts have helped hundreds of Amazon sellers just like yourself and would love to help you too.

If there were any questions that might not have been answered in the post leave a quick comment below and we’ll try to answer it for you. If you have any other suggestions for future expert round-up posts let us also know in the comment section below.


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