Key Insights


Finances were tight — and consumers adjusted their spending habits in response.
More than half of American consumers (56%) said they were living “paycheck to paycheck.” 75% of consumers looked for ways to save more money, and 70% shopped for less expensive products.

3 in 4 customers (75%) looked for ways to save money.


Loyalty to Amazon remained strong, but Walmart’s rising popularity wasn’t far behind.
Amazon’s dominance and loyalty remained fierce, but Walmart gained a foothold in the ecommerce world. 70% of consumers had a Prime membership while 38% of consumers had a Walmart+ subscription — and 24% of consumers said they would consider getting Walmart+.


Consumers used more tech-forward ways to shop during the pandemic.
Despite leaner budgets, consumers still relied on tech to buy — 45% of consumers used deal-finding browser extensions when shopping online, and 54% of consumers purchased products they first discovered on social media.

About the report


Between January 26-29, 2021, Jungle Scout conducted an anonymous survey among a panel of 1,005 U.S. consumers about their buying preferences and behaviors. Respondents represent every U.S. state, all genders, and ages 18 to 75+, as well as all employment types and varying income levels.

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