AI vs. Human: Who Can Write a Better Amazon Listing?

We set out to see whether an expert Amazon seller could write a better product listing than one generated by AI.

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Introducing Jungle Scout’s AI Assist Tool

The tool our expert seller will be competing against is Listing Builder’s AI Assist, a brand-new release that utilizes  artificial intelligence copywriting  technology within Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder. With just one click, it takes the strongest keywords in a user’s keyword bank and leverages Open AI’s model to generate the title, features and product description — often one of the most intimidating and time-consuming processes for Amazon sellers.

We’re using powerful AI technology to make it faster and easier for Amazon sellers to create optimized listings. AI Assist:

  • Builds your listing faster. AI Assist creates titles, descriptions, and feature points in seconds, with only the click of a button. 
  • Makes it easy to get started. It’s easier to edit than to create! AI Assist writes for you, so you can skip the toughest part about getting started.
  • Writes copy in native English. For non-native English speakers, and anyone not fully confident in their written abilities, AI Assist takes that stress out of the equation.

Sellers can use AI Assist in more Jungle Scout tools today that Shane did not use in this video. The newest AI Assist integration allows Jungle Scout users to:

  • Analyze reviews on any ASIN and instantly find themes for product research. After publishing their listing copy, Jake and Shane could use AI in Review Automation to discover how customers are responding to their product.

  • Generate instant financial reports after a product’s launch. After finishing their copy, Jake and Shane could visit Profit Overview and task AI with generating a full financial report for their product launch and set attainable goals to begin making profits on their new product.

  • Get instant advice whenever they need it. At any point in the seller’s journey, Jungle Scout’s AI Assist Chat allows you to ask questions in realtime to get advice and support from artificial intelligence, sourcing from Jungle Scout’s extensive library of information and resources.

The Competition: AI vs. Human

Meet the contestants

We took Jake, a current seller with five years of Amazon experience and pitted him against Shane, a non-active seller armed with artificial intelligence. These two are both Jungle Scout employees who have full access to the Jungle Scout tool, but only Shane, the less experienced and non-active seller, will be allowed to use the AI Assist feature. These two are going head-to-head in a battle to see who can write a better Amazon listing.

The product

To keep things fair, we gave Jake and Shane a randomly-chosen, single product idea they both had never heard of before: dinosaur lamp. Then we set a timer for 30 minutes, showed them a picture of the product, and challenged them to write a full Amazon product listing before time ran out.

AI vs Human: Jake and Shane receive an image of their product.

The race is on!

As the challenge began, it was clear that Jake and Shane’s thoughts were in different places right off the bat. Shane, of course, started with the AI Assist feature, not knowing what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised:

“My first reaction is that, actually, it’s really good. ‘Kid’s night light that plugs into the wall, eco friendly, and LED bulbs for nurseries and bathrooms.’ I think this is pretty solid. So I’m going to just go ahead and replace content and use that as a starting point.”

AI vs Human: Shane uses AI Assist to start writing his product title.

Jake, on the other hand, set to brainstorming:

“Okay, so… the first thing I’m going to do is take this main keyword here, which is ‘dinosaur nightlight for kids,’ look it up, and then pull up a few competitors. … Let me open that in a new tab and [start] pulling up similar products here.”

Happy with his title and willing to come back to it and edit as needed, Shane moves onto product features, where he is again impressed with the astute AI copy:

“Looks like we checked off several more-high volume keywords and have gone into quite a bit more detail about how easy it is to use this product and how the LED bulbs make dark rooms light without having to use an outlet or additional power source. That’s pretty sweet; without knowing a whole bunch about this product or having done a lot of research, I’m going to accept what [AI Assist] gives me.”

Meanwhile, Jake is still working on his title.

AI vs Human: Jake brainstorms a product title using his keywords.
“So, to start with my title, I’m going to find the highest-volume keyword phrase that makes sense — the most relevant high volume keyword phrase. So ‘night lights plug into wall…’ but I don’t think that makes the most sense.”

To clarify, nothing Jake is doing is wrong — in fact, he’s demonstrating some of the best approaches and thought processes that go into building a brand-new Amazon listing. But Shane is speeding right by him and wrapping up his descriptions already, putting in just a bit of manual editing to make sure everything is as good as it can be.

“So I’ve spent another five minutes trying to get five clear themes out of the five features. I think the AI Assist got me 80% of the way there. Then I took another, maybe, 20% of my time to just tighten up the language and use what I felt was most powerful to describe what this product is. I also trimmed down some of the characters in each of those features and descriptions to get my green checkmark in Listing Builder.”

Shane is onto the description!

“Yeah… I’m not going to bother trying to write a description, that’s for sure. We’re talking about 2000 characters. And … based off of reading the [AI’s] description, I’m actually really impressed with this. This is probably the most powerful functionality I’ve seen in AI Assist. …  It gives me a very clear understanding of what the product is. It’s well-written, easy to understand. I’m happy with it. I don’t I’m not going to do any better.”


“I spent all my time on my title… now I only a few minutes left.”

AI vs. human, and the winner is…

In the end, Jake went over time to finish his product listing. As far as numbers go, both listings are comparable when it comes to their listing optimization and score as well as generated search volume, with listing optimization scores of eight according to Listing Builder.

AI vs Human: The competition finishes; the two listings stand side by side.

Both managed to weave in approximately the same amount of primary keyword phrases. If we consider all the additional keywords as well, then we see that Jake managed to use 93% of keywords compared to Shane’s 70%.

However, Shane completed this process in about 20 minutes and didn’t break a sweat. Jake, an experienced Amazon seller, needed well over an hour.

So our suggestion is to use the best of both worlds. Utilize Shane’s approach of leveraging the power of AI to accelerate this tedious process of writing a listing which we’ve seen can take a significant amount of time, but also take a page out of Jake’s book and make sure that you really understand what your product is, who your competitors are, and most importantly, what your customers’ needs and wants are. 

In this battle of human vs. AI, we got to see Shane and Jake take completely different approaches to reach a similar destination. There are a lot of helpful tricks and tips on both sides — but who do you think won the battle? If you thought it was Shane, or if you were simply impressed with his speedy listing, you can check out AI Assist yourself by clicking the button below!

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